Hampshire Firefighters are Safer with Integrated MOTOTRBO Communications System

Hampshire Firefighters are Safer with Integrated MOTOTRBO Communications System

Hampshire Firefighters are Safer with Integrated MOTOTRBO Communications System

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) and Radiocoms  Systems Ltd, Platinum Elite Partner today announced that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service will deploy 1,000 MOTOTRBO firefighting radios and the WAVE 5000 Mobile Communicator service. The agreement will enhance communications and the safety of fire staff both in-vehicle and on the frontline.

    • Key Benefits:
  • Motorola fire service radios communications equipment upgraded to improve safety and communications, protecting Hampshire firefighters in hazardous environments
  • Clear communications, noise cancellation and longer battery life ensures an enhanced service to the public
  • The new integration of in-vehicle and frontline firefighter radio communications to improve connectivity and drive productivity and safety
  • 10-year anniversary of Motorola Solutions launching its MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System

London, England – July 25, 2017 – 

MOTOTRBO Hampshire radiosThe new fireground MOTOTRBO DP4601e portable fire fighting radios will replace the old Fire Fighter Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) equipment and provide the fire service with a range of new innovative features such as push-to-talk instantaneous communication, enhanced audio quality, integrated accelerometers for man-down protection, Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.

The agreement will also see Command Support Vehicles use Motorola Solutions’ WAVE 5000 Mobile Communicator service to provide reliable access to the Airwave network, as well as to Hampshire’s own DMR talk group. This will drive real-time collaboration and enable staff to communicate via voice or text using a range of networks, in any location and in any environment via an easy-to-use application.

The result is a unified communications network that will enable Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service staff to experience a superior level of fireground communication in even the most difficult or hazardous conditions.

The integrated service will see over 1,800 members of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service benefit from superior in-vehicle, in-building and frontline communications allowing the fire service to provide a superior level of support to 1.8 million Hampshire citizens.

“The safety of our local Hampshire citizens and wellbeing of our firefighters is of paramount importance to the fire service, which is why we have chosen to upgrade our communications equipment to an advanced digital system. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service aims to be fully digital by August 2017,” said Peter Clarke, station manager operational technologies.

“As a fire and rescue service, we cover 1,455 square miles of the country, protecting millions of Hampshire residents and visitors. We require a communication service that could provide an enhanced level of safety, clarity and functionality that is simple and intuitive to use so that our teams can concentrate on our primary objective: responding to incidents and protecting the public. We want our firefighters to have the best possible technology to feel equipped to deliver excellence in their roles,” concluded Clarke.

If frontline firefighters have to enter into a hazardous environment, the fire service has the option of switching to an ATEX version of the MOTOTRBO radios. Featuring the highest ATEX/IEC Ex gas explosion group rating, the fireground MOTOTRBO ATEX DP4801Ex two way radios are ideal for working in hazardous areas with loud noise, rough weather and dangerous conditions including combustible dust, explosive chemicals, gas leaks and flammable hydrocarbons.

“Our experience providing mission-critical communications systems for public safety organisations throughout the world has told us that providing reliable, crystal-clear communication is only half the challenge. In the middle of an emergency situation, a firefighter’s radio is not just a communication device but one of the most important pieces of equipment they carry, providing a link to support staff, critical information, location data and access to safety services such as man-down alerts,” said Phil Jefferson, MSSSI vice president, sales and service for UK and Ireland at Motorola Solutions.

“We launched the MOTOTRBO Professional Digital Two-Way Radio System 10 years ago. Since then it has gone from strength to strength as we have added new features in response to feedback from our customers. We are now on our third generation of devices, and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is an example of how public safety organisations are turning to the MOTOTRBO range to connect teams effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work, driving workforce productivity and most importantly safety,” concluded Jefferson.

“Working with Motorola Solutions, we are committed to providing the very best service for public safety organisations, in the control room, in a vehicle or on the frontline. Our experience, combined with Motorola Solutions innovative products and services, allows us to empower fire services such as Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, providing an enhanced level of service the public can rely on,” said Simon Bingham, Senior Account Manager, Radiocoms Systems Ltd.



As Motorola Solutions UK’s largest Platinum Partner Radiocoms Systems Ltd can assist you with any immediate or future Fire Fighting MOTOTRBO Digital Standard and ATEX (SOLAS compliant) two way radio and system requirements. Discuss your requirements with us online today, call our UK sales team on 033 3939 0022 or email us at sales@radiocoms.co.uk