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Edesix is the leader in Body Worn Camera & Video Solutions

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Edesix has a seamless product range from capturing video recordings to managing data. Designed to be an easily deployable solution, with no IT requirements needed for a simple roll out of your body worn video cameras and badges to your employees.

The Edesix Body Worn Video Solutions meet the needs of a large police force with complex data storage requirements, to the single civil enforcement officer working a full 8 hour shift.


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VideoTag Series

The Edesix VideoTag Series VT-50, is the smallest, lightest and most discreet incident recorder available.

VideoBadge VB-300

This Body Worn Cam boasts a Bluetooth holster sensor integration, a ruggedised exterior, IP67 rating, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPS, and full 1080p HD recording.


VideoManager is the most advanced software tool for managing video footage, system users, and your suite of Body Worn Cameras.


Edesix offers a wide range of accessories to support all of your Edesix Body Worn Camera
& Badge requirements.

Drive Safety In Your Business with Edesix Body Worn Video Solutions

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