8 Reasons Why Two Way Radio can Benefit your Organisation

8 Reasons why two way radio can benefit your organisation


Two way radio has a history spanning over 100 years. Its form may have evolved but it still provides organisations both in the private & public sector with one of the most powerful & reliable forms of communication. Simple and easy to deploy, the hand portables standard features and functions provide teams with a tool that improves productivity and increases safety.

Here are 8 reasons why two way radio can help your team collaborate, in real time>

Reason 1 why to use two way radio 



1. One Touch.

Two way radio offers an easy to use, one-touch system via the PTT, providing instant communication, even when wearing PPE.





2. Secure.

Encryption provides secure voice and data transmissions
without impacting on the quality of the audio received.

Reason 2 why to use two way radio

Reason 3 why to use two way radio





3. Resilient.

Two way radio is a proven technology that remains operational throughout emergencies & major incidents when cellular networks fail and lose connection.




4. Protection.

With motion alarms and a prominent orange emergency
button,lone workers are protected and can alert other
team members when they require assistance.

Reason 4 why to use two way radio




5. Always On.

Intelligent battery technology helps to lengthen battery life so you can be assured your radio battery will last a full shift.





6. Robust.

Built to withstand any work environment. Two way radios
are tested & built to withstand heat, water, dust, drops and shock.

Reason 6 why to use two way radio
Reason 7 why to use two way radio 




7. Instantaneous.

Two-way radio allows you to make fast & effective decisions and communicate in the to your organisation way that is best suited.





8. Collaborative.

Unite your teams across multiple floors & locations.
Connect your radio system to mobile phones, tablets,
PC’s and alarm systems for complete visibility.

Reason 8 why to use two way radio


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