What are the Benefits of a Voice Recording Module on your Radio System?

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What are the Benefits of a Voice Recording Module on your Radio System?

Through a simple, software module Radiocoms Systems Ltd can offer a digital voice recording function on your Motorola Solutions, MOTOTRBO or Hytera two-way radio system. This modular, scalable software solution provides a cost-effective, encrypted and secure voice recording system.

How can voice recording be beneficial to my organisation?

  • Enabling quicker routes to dispute resolution – Whether this is a staff disciplinary or a review on an incident involving a member of the public, you will have a tool that can be reported on. Recording history contains a time and date, call length, call and calling ID’s. The precise search query will help you find the exact call recording and share the file easily.
  • Assisting in compliance with industry-specific regulations – In some industries, voice recording can be a regulatory requirement. It can also help with, for example, your organisations Health & Safety, KPI’s, security protocols and uncover issues that may not have been visible or addressed before.
  • Ensure your business processes and protocols are being adhered to – If you have employees that work across multiple sites, or in varying shifts, it is not always easy to keep track of all activities. This software application gives you a secure, reachable solution that can be accessed at any time, anywhere (Site PC or cloud-based options are available.)
  • Creating opportunities for improvements in staff training – You can utilise the voice recording software for training purposes and situational-based scenarios. Analysis and reporting can help you build an effective training programme, for example. Recorded scenarios can be far more relatable and allow you to capture the best and worst examples of situations.

Voice Recording Software

What is required to manage and maintain the system?

We offer a standalone voice recording module on your Motorola Solutions, MOTOTRBO or Hytera radio system. It is an affordable software solution when budgets are tight. Little to no maintenance is required. Software updates are available when offered by the developer.

Is the solution scalable so it can support my organisation’s growing two-way radio fleet/system?

Yes, the voice recording software module is not limited to a particular number of users.

Does the voice recording solution come with all the functionalities I need or do I have to purchase separate modules for each business requirement?

The system is supplied with a set of standard features and functions to give a low total cost of ownership. It does, however, have a fully customisable graphical user interface (GUI), we will work with you should you require additional functionalities.

It also offers full, open interoperability with other software modules. You can purchase the voice recording module software  as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrate it into other software platforms such as alarm handling.

Can the voice recording module work on multi-site requirements?

Yes, the software allows for rollouts over single or multiple sites, offering centralised management and remote site recording, for example.

How much training is required for my employees to become proficient with the voice recording solution?

We can offer training to individuals or all staff to ensure you maximise on your investment on the voice recording software module.

What are the key features of the voice recording module?

  • Fixed Mobile: Easily record all voice calls through a control radio
  • Conversation Record: Clever batching of all calls within the hang time
  • Full Audit Trail: Improve accountability, training and customer service
  • Simple Playback: Easily search and play individual or grouped calls
  • Straightforward Logging: Calls are logged with date/time, call length and caller ID’s
  • Storage: Files stored locally or in the cloud as WAV/MP3 files



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