Lone Worker Alarm and Man Down

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), up to 150 lone workers face physical or verbal attacks daily.

In the UK, legislation mandates that employers across all industries must assess and mitigate any health and safety hazards for all employees working independently.
Employers are also obligated to safeguard the health and safety of contractors or self-employed individuals working under their direction.

Two-way radios and BBPTT devices offer a lone worker emergency SOS button, inbuilt lone worker alarm and man down feature to keep you connected with
your team in real-time.

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How does the lone worker function work?

By definition, “lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision”.  Those that are self-employed, and work alone are also part of this group. Many businesses rely on staff working alone, so employers must ensure that procedures are in place to protect the safety of their staff.

One of the standard features available on Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Hytera and Entel two-way radios is ‘Lone Worker’ which gives a tone at regular intervals to which the lone-worker needs to respond to by pressing the PTT button. If the worker fails to respond, within the pre-defined time, the radio will then go into ‘emergency mode’ and help and support would be sent to them. However, the worker would need to be located first (GPS Tracking can assist with this).

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Man Down alarm for two way radios

How does the man down worker function work?

The man down feature automatically sends an emergency call when a worker is injured or falls unconscious. Within the radios motion sensor an alarm sequence functionality can be programmed which activates when it is deemed that that hand portable is at an irregular orientation, or if the user becomes inactive for a specified period. The alarm can notify individual team members, user group or a central control room. The notifications are sent in the form of an audible tone, text message or pre-recorded voice message to other radio users, PABX systems, mobile phones or e-mail addresses.

The radio will emit an audio beacon which allows the person/team searching to locate the injured worker (GPS can also support this method). Some radios with a man down function can also activate an ‘open mic’ mode allowing the other users to hear what is happening in the surroundings.

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Lone worker and man-down
main features.

  • Emergency Button – Pressing the emergency button causes the radio to enter emergency state & request support
  • Pre-warning alert (Allows the worker to minimise false alarms)
  • Advanced algorithm to minimise false alarm (e.g. when running)
  • Heartbeat messaging (Positive confirmation of communications link)
  • GPS report with positive confirmation of the location
  • Simple Alarm Activation – A dedicated panic alarm giving peace of mind to your lone workers
  • Fully Reportable – Significantly reduces financial risk to the business with a fully recordable and reportable system which can assist with insurance mitigation
  • Position Reporting – Utilising built-in GPS the user location data information is sent to central-point during an emergency situation
  • Lowers Costs – Deploy without the need for a second device
  • Inclusive Emergency Calls – No monthly tariff charges

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