GPS Two Way Radio Location Tracking

Two way radio GPS tracking is a function available for a number of Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO, Hytera and TAIT two way radios and fixed mobiles.

It can help to ensure that your employees are in the right place at the right time, or to identify their current location if they are lost or in an emergency situation. GPS tracking can also be used to find out what paths the user is taking and to gain an understanding of their overall activities.

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How can you keep your workforce connected with two way radio GPS Tracking?

The mapping location tracking application is a simple solution that allows staff to carry ONE GPS Tracking device whilst performing their duties, offering safety enhancements and GEO fencing to trigger a notification should a radio handset user enter or leave a particular area.

GPS radio tracking is commonly used for scenarios such as vehicles, security workers, shopping centre employees or facilities managers, allowing the users device to be tracked in real-time.

GPS tracking checkpoints can be installed both internally and externally. By covering all remote points it can help you manage staff and ensure every location is covered and inspected, by simply passing one of the checkpoints you are notified that a radio user is within that area. Two-way radio location tracking requires no data plan.

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GPS Tracking – Two Way Radio Tracking Internal Image
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Key features of the GPS tracking application.

  • There is no limitation to how many users you have on the system
  • Monitor via GPS (MOTOTRBO DP***1e & DM***1e / Hytera G two way radio and mobile models only)
  • Create scheduled guard tour routes
  • Send & receive both voice and data
  • Communicate via text message
  • Accurately monitor the times of tours
  • Download full reports for incidents/insurance mitigation (voice & data)

Which two way radio manufacturers is this software compatible with?

Radiocoms Systems can connect either your Motorola Solutions, MOTOTRBO and Hytera digital, POC and TETRA two way radio systems to this solution.

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