Radiocoms Systems Ltd at Heathrow Airport.

Radiocoms’ is one of the few radio communication solution partners here in the Uk with dedicated teams that focus on industry trends, opportunities and challenges for clients within specific, targeted verticals.

As a trusted advisor and supplier, Radiocoms has been instrumental in providing the Heathrow Commercial Telecoms Digital Radio platform for over eighteen years. With the immense challenges of managing over 78 million passengers and 475,000 flights daily, connectivity is crucial in ensuring a safe and efficient airport operation. Radiocoms’ expertise in this field contributes to the overall goal of creating a positive passenger experience and a smarter, more secure airport environment.

“Opening our Heathrow office underlined our commitment to support the Airport and our clients based there. Over the years that we have been operating in and around Heathrow, we have built a team whose rich technological knowledge is respected and called upon.” said Mark Blythe, Managing Director, Radiocoms. “Our high standards and reputation are highlighted not only by our presence at Heathrow but the operational support we supply to Stansted, Manchester and Southampton Airports through our dedicated teams.”

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Business critical, resilient voice & data radio communication tools allowing for:

  • The elimination of inefficiencies and assistance in meeting operational KPI’s.
  • The automation of critical processes & protocols to ensure they are conducted safely & securely.
  • Quicker response times when dealing with emergencies such as a fire or
    preventing major & minor criminal activities.
  • And ultimately protecting employees and passengers.


Meet the Radiocoms Heathrow Airport Support Team.

Supporting not only the central commercial radio system, the regional project team also work with many of the airlines, aviation support services, restaurants and shops around the expansive Heathrow Airports 1,227 hectares. The Heathrow commercial airport communications control system comprises of an end-to-end Hytera DMR Tier 3 solution, and BBPTT technology, both robust & scalable digital technology connecting every service provider located across the expansive footprint.

With full airport & airside access and through their comprehensive SLA, the Radiocoms Heathrow project & engineering team are on-site 24/7/365 to offer immediate support.

Ruth Nixon, Account Manager.


Ruth has been working within the radio industry since 2006 undertaking a number of senior leaderships roles. During this time Ruth’s customers have been from a wide range of industries which have help build a wealth of knowledge not just about radio but also CCTV, software integration and other communication solutions.

Ruth’s primary focus is to deliver the right solution for her customers and will work closely with technical colleagues to help ensure we deliver this.

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Glenn Nicholson, Business Support Manager.


Starting his career in 1977 as a Telecommunications Engineer in the British Army serving in REME, Glenn gained his extensive knowledge over the years working with the British Airways Radio Systems and Services Group.

In 2015 Glenn joined Radiocoms’ as the lead Change and Configuration co-ordinator, responsible for the delivery and reporting for all aspects of the Radiocoms Managed Service Contract to British Airways.

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Cory Pennicott, Unified Voice Solutions & Architecture Specialist.

Cory-Pennicott-Radiocoms-Systems LtdCory has been in the radio and communication systems industry for 30 years, starting his trade as a Royal Signals Systems Engineer in the British Army before taking a short career change of 2 years as an Electronics Design Engineer and Production Manager for a defence information technology company in South Africa.

Cory joined Radiocoms in 2015 as a specialist in Unified Voice, having designed and installed the VoIP side of British Airways current Ground to Air system.

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Mark Skerratt, Airport Support Engineer.

Mark-Skerratt-Radiocoms-Systems-LtdMark began his career in Public Order Support in London, where he gained valuable experience in managing and supporting communication systems.

For the past 10 years, Mark has focused his work on the PMR/DMR transportation sector, specialising in wide area communication systems. He has been instrumental in supporting customers both in the UK and overseas, providing them with reliable and effective communication solutions.

His extensive knowledge and experience in this niche have allowed him to solve various challenges faced by transportation companies, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced communication capabilities.

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