Hytera Tetra Radios

Hytera Tetra Radios and Systems
Hytera Tetra Radios and Systems

Hytera TETRA radios are ideal for mission-critical communications, as one of the leading providers of TETRA digital radios in the world, Hytera knows what it takes to ensure safety. You will find Hytera’s TETRA radios used all over the world, from the Netherlands Police Network to the Shenzhen metro and the Kazakhstan Ministry of Railways. Hytera complete TETRA system is trusted worldwide to deliver instant communication and ensure public safety.
Hytera TETRA radios have been built with the end user in mind. The ultra-slim Z1p meets military standard environmental testing and includes enhanced security for covert applications, while the PT580H Plus delivers no-nonsense voice and data communications. The handsets have all been developed according to the ETSI TETRA standard regulation, so they remain compatible with network infrastructure and terminals from all compliant manufacturers.

Hytera Tetra System


The Hytera TETRA system provides a scalable radio solution that can be aligned with your communication volume requirements, ensuring the design meets your availability and capacity requirements.


Hytera TETRA two-way radios offer user-friendly interfaces, intuitive to pick up and go, ensuring minimal training and familiarisation is required.

Hytera TETRA functions

Supporting TETRA encryption (E2EE and AIE) and authentication

GPS location services included for tracking, triggers, and emergency response

Many voice and data communication features – adaptable for your requirements

Excellent voice quality due to the use of digital TETRA technology

Our TETRA radios are built to survive the toughest of conditions

System reliability thanks to intelligent redundancy management and robust design

Hytera Tetra Products

Hytera Tetra MT680 Plus S Mobile Radio

Hytera Tetra MT680 plus S 300x241 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera Tetra MT680 plus S
pdf - Hytera Tetra Radios

Hytera Tetra MT680P mobile radio 902.90 KB 0 downloads


Ideal for vehicles, the Hytera MT680 Plus S is a mobile radio for TETRA users. It stands out for its proven reliability, easy operation and ruggedness, offering versatile operating modes to tackle all manner of applications.

Hytera Tetra PT580H PLUS S Handheld Radio

Hytera Tetra PT580H Plus radio 300x169 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera Tetra PT580H Plus radio
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Hytera Tetra PT580P Radio 861.00 KB 0 downloads


Full of functionality, packed inside an ergonomic design, the Hytera PT580H Plus S TETRA handset boasts an IP67 protection to deliver TETRA communication, no matter the environment.

Hytera Intrinsically Safe Atex Tetra PT790Ex Radio

Hytera Tetra Atex PT790Ex radio 300x157 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera Tetra Atex PT790Ex radio

The Hytera PT790 Ex is the world’s first TETRA handheld radio with the highest intrinsic safety level “ia”. The robust construction and in-built safety features improve the security of Atex users from industries such as oil and gas, mining and fire rescue.

Hytera Tetra PTC760 Radio

Hytera tetra PTC760 radio 300x257 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera tetra PTC760 radio

The Hytera PTC760 Multi-mode Advanced Radio is the revolutionary TETRA LTE hybrid device offering the ideal platform for critical voice and broadband data services. Providing a unified communication experience, this feature-rich handset with multiple connectivity options is the ideal communication solution for critical situations.

Hytera VM685 Remote Video Speaker Microphone

Hytera VM685 Remote Video Speaker Mic 300x239 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera VM685 Remote Video Speaker Mic

This innovatively designed body-worn camera offers the ideal solution to capture, store and share evidence from the field. The in-built remote speaker microphone allows users to communicate efficiently, initiate an emergency alarm and deliver real-time video, even in low-light conditions, when paired with the Hytera Multi-mode Advanced Radio.

Hytera Z1P Advanced, covert, TETRA Two-way Radio

Hytera Z1p Tetra Handset 292x300 - Hytera Tetra Radios
Hytera Z1p Tetra Handset
pdf - Hytera Tetra Radios

Hytera Z1P Tetra Handheld Radio 958.63 KB 0 downloads


The Hytera Z1p is a slim TETRA handheld radio, developed to provide security users a covert handset packed with functionality, built to TETRA standards.

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