Product Focus How does Entel’s PoC Two Way Radio work?

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Product Focus – How does Entel’s PoC Two Way Radio work?

In this article we focus on the Frequently Asked Questions in regards to Entel POC Radios.

Entel DN495 POC two way radio

What are Entel’s PoC DN400 two way radios? 

The Entel POC radios are rugged business-critical two-way radios that provide the features of DMR Tier 2 / Tier 3 radio systems but without the associated complexity, restrictions/limitations and high infrastructure costs. The DN495 radio work just like regular two way radios but instead roam multiple LTE Cellular networks as well as using WiFi networks so can cover anything from local to national/multi national coverage.

Entel’s ‘simple to sophisticated’ range of DN400 POC radios have been designed to cover applications ranging from basic, e.g. a simple PTT all call through to the most demanding of requirements.

What is Entel Sure Connect?
Sure Connect is Entel’s high performance, Business Critical, PoC Service that, if required, can also link differing PTT networks
together (including existing Analogue & Digital radio networks). Sure Connect is MCX (Mission Critical Services) is due for launch in 2019. The ‘X’ in MCX stands for PTT, Video & Data (MCPTT, MCData & MCVideo). Entel’s Sure Connect servers are only ever hosted in Tier 1 data centres with full fall back redundancy.

Sure Connect supports:
• Entel’s DN400 range of Business Critical PoC radios, PC Dispatcher & Radio gateway
• Customers’ existing Smartphones & Tablets (using Entel’s app)
• Multiple call types (including, Priority, Emergency & Dynamic Group calls)
• Multiple Emergency features (including Man Down & Lone Worker)
• Messaging, Status and Data services
• Indoor and Outdoor Location services (with mapping & tools such as geofence etc.)
• Image & Video services
• Remote programming and update services
• Task Management
• Full recording and logging services
• A virtually unlimited number of simultaneous calls

What types of businesses will benefit from using Entel’s DN400 radios?
• Anyone who needs wide area coverage
• Anyone who needs two way radios that can always make a call, i.e. not limited by the number of VHF / UHF channels available
• City users where, due to the built up area, there is limited VHF / UHF range and very high channel congestion
• Anyone who needs to deploy a wide area coverage radio system at short notice, e.g.highways maintenance/cycle, race / car rally/marathon, couriers etc.

I currently pay an OFCOM two way radio license fee, do I need to pay for a license on DN400 radios?

Is Entel’s bundled SIM any different to a regular SIM?
Yes, for example, Entel’s SIM provides a higher grade of network access, connection quality & security. Entel’s standard roaming SIM, for example, covers 100% of the UK populated area, over 96.99% of the total road miles & 91.4% of the total UK land area as well as other EU countries.

Can I use my own SIM?
Yes, but, if you use a regular SIM you will lose all of the key technical benefits that come as standard with Entel’s SIM.

Can DN400 integrate with existing Analogue & Digital radio systems?
Yes, Entel’s Network Gateway links PoC, Analogue & Digital radio systems together making it possible to communicate between them all.

Can I send/receive text messages?

Is there a limit to how many simultaneous calls/channels DN radios have access to?
Practically no, Sure Connect is the equivalent of a National / International MPT1327 / Tier 3 DMR radio system with thousands of channels available at each site.

Is there an App for smartphones/tablets?
Yes, the smartphone / tablet app (Android & IOS) provides a convenient solution to the casual or non business critical user.


How do Entel’s DN400 Two Way PoC Radios work







Download the Entel DN400 FAQ PDF here>


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