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Professional middleware solution interconnecting Entel E-PoC and PMR networks.

The Entel E-PoC Gateway provides a middleware solution to help businesses overcome the challenges of integration by interconnecting a PMR system with the Entel E-PoC networks. The Entel E-PoC Gateway application is based on middleware technology that securely connects the enterprise. Easy-to-use and easy-to-scale.

Entel’s E-PoC Gateway black box solution links analogue, DMR Tier 1, DMR Tier 2, DMR Tier 3, dPMR and other manufacturer proprietary systems to any device running on an E-PoC server: DN400 Series radio, Smartphone / Tablet App, PC Dispatcher or Android Dispatcher.

Part of Entel E-PoC Gateway Command and Control Centre Solution is designed to integrate the E-PoC with a PMR radio network over voice (group and individual calls) and message communication. 

Key Feature of the Entel E-PoC Gateway

  • Group and individual calling
  • Group and individual messaging
  • GPS tracking
  • Multiple network support
  • Interface to PMR
  • Frequency band agnostic

Entel’s E-PoC Gateway will extend the flexibility of your network. You can connect two different PMR systems (e.g. DMR and analogue). Equally, E-PoC can connect users who are actually working outside of your coverage and that way increase your range. Users connected by E-PoC can choose their own device – Entel DN495 PoC radio, smartphone, tablets or desktops – across the operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows.

Entel’s E-PoC Gateway is a universal solution connecting PMR networks with each other over an API interface. Plus, E-PoC enables PMR networks to be expanded. 

The Gateway allows users to maintain vendor independence

There is no limitation to expand an existing PMR solution. With Entel’s E-PoC Gateway you are able to connect another PMR or E-PoC network to an existing one. Add multiple resources to expand your system – anytime, anywhere.

Cost Effective
Entel’s E-PoC Gateway provides a cost-efficient extension to any PMR system. You can continue using existing radios whilst expanding with new technologies.

E-PoC GATEWAY Features and Specification

Bridge Configuration
Technical Specification

Professional middleware solution interconnecting E-PoC and PMR networks.

Group calls
Voice communication in group. One of the main features supported by any E-PoC Gateway configuration.

Individual calls*
Individual voice communication. One-to-one simplex call.

Individual / group messages*
The feature allows to send/receive messages. E-PoC Gateway handles all the routine to route messages between PMR and E-PoC networks: to send/receive the messages between PMR networks as well as to send/receive messages from E-PoC to PMR and vice versa.

GPS tracking*
This feature provides an opportunity to obtain GPS coordinates from PMR terminals and E-PoC clients. The GPS data can be displayed on the E-PoC Desktop Client Map or routed to specified interfaces.

Intelligent hub
The PMR networks can be interconnected to each other via the E-PoC Gateway application even from different corners of the world.

Interface to PMR
E-PoC Gateway is connected to PMR radio infrastructure via defined interfaces (e.g. API, PEI, XCMP or any other). The features and functions of E-PoC Gateway are defined in the scope of the related PMR interface and its possible functionality.

Different frequency bands
E-PoC Gateway is not limited by frequency band. It fully depends on radio network infrastructure.

Bridge Configuration

E-PoC Gateway can have several configurations, depending on requirements:

  • Digital - E-PoC. Interconnection between E-PoC and digital network
  • Digital - Digital. Interconnection between two or more digital networks
  • Digital - E-PoC - Digital. Interconnection between two or more digital networks and an E-PoC network

On request:

  • Analog - E-PoC
  • Analog - Analog
  • Analog - Digital
  • Analog - E-PoC - Digital

*for some PMR systems this option is currently under development. Please contact your Entel Dealer to check availability.

Technical Specification


Operating SystemWindows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Windows 10 32/64
CPUMinimum 2GHz
Random Access Memory (RAM)8Gb
Hard drive memory500Gb
DisplayStandard color display
Network cardStandard network card
Audio interfaceFor external speakers and microphone
USB interfaceFor optional microphones
SoftwareJava runtime environment SE 8 (32 bit) or higher


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