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avigilon blue logoAvigilon Blue Cloud Video Security Platform

The Avigilon Blue platform integrates an on-premise Avigilon Blue Connect device that supports local storage as well as Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras. This sends critical events to the cloud for customers to view and verify from their web-connected device.

Additionally, by utilising this cloud based software you keep incoming & outgoing network traffic to a minimum, saving valuable bandwidth.

The Avigilon Blue platform combines on-site video recording, via a dedicated hardware appliance, and the cloud-based software services  provide management, analytics and reporting. By combining hardware, software and cloud services, with each system element located in an optimum place, Avigilon Blue offers an advanced solution that is both effective and robust.

There are four subscription service plans: Small, Medium, Large and Enterprise. These allow for 1–8 cameras, 9–16 cameras, 17—32 camera and over 33 cameras, respectively. The cloud-based server will monitor the usage and if an upgrade is considered suitable, the system will issue a notification.



Quick Deployment

Easily setup, configure, and link the Avigilon Blue Connect device to the cloud in minutes with universal plug‑and‑play network protocols and an intuitive web-based user interface.

Open Connectivity

Start using Avigilon Blue for new or existing sites with Avigilon cameras and third-party ONVIF®-compliant cameras.

Simple Video Management

Avigilon Blue enables viewing of live and recorded video from all connected cameras, and allows you to go to specific points on your timeline and scrub recorded video from multiple cameras simultaneously.

Analytic event video verification clips are automatically stored in the cloud for review on your PC browser or mobile device.

Mobile Application

The Avigilon Blue Mobile App is available on the App Store (iOS) and on Google Play (Android).



Mobile View

mobile view

Desktop Timelinedesktop timeline



Subscription Center

Run your business efficiently with a unified overview of your customer subscriptions.

You and your sales team can track and analyze customer subscription data to discover insights and opportunities to grow your RMR business.

Identify subscription renewal and upgrade opportunities with easy tracking, sorted for simple prioritization of key accounts to follow-up with.

Keep track of sites monitored, Blue Connect devices, and connected cameras, to identify potential new business opportunities.

subscription centre


Partner Site Health Monitoring

Save time and help prevent potential hassle—have your system health events monitored by a Certified Avigilon Partner.

Your Avigilon Partner can view the status of cameras and hardware, act on reported health notifications, and remotely diagnose and troubleshoot certain issues—without needing to dispatch technicians.

Mobile Device Enabled
Camera Disarm/Arm

Conveniently pause notification alerts directly from your mobile device when you know scheduled activity on your site will be taking place.

This helps eliminate nuisance alarms, but still ensures recording continues. Alarms will automatically come back on when the scheduled timeframe ends or you can manually rearm.


Health Monitoring


health monitoring

Camera Disarm/Arm


camera arm disarm



Scalable Surveillance

Avigilon Blue offers subscription packages with an easy ordering and upgrade process. The system automatically notifies users when an upgrade is recommended, based on the number of deployed cameras for their subscription plan.

Recurring Revenue

With Avigilon Blue site subscriptions, Avigilon Partners can build recurring monthly revenue for their business. As the platform expands, new features and services will be added, bringing additional value to your customers and your business.

grow diagram


Avigilon Blue Connect Devices
Provide continuous HD and SD video recording that's housed on-site and is accessible from the cloud

Health & Security Notifications
Automatically sends notifications and stores analytics events-based video verification clips in the cloud

Centralized Site Management
Centralized management of multiple locations from a single screen

Partner Site Health Monitoring
Provides subscribers with subscription-based health monitoring by an Avigilon Partner

Subscriber Self-Monitoring
Enables subscribers to proactively self-monitor their businesses by receiving and responding to health and security notifications from a PC, laptop or mobile device

Central Station Security Monitoring
Simplify security monitoring with leading central station providers

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