American Airlines Hytera DMR
Tier III Case Study

Radiocoms Systems Ltd supplies American Airlines at London Heathrow Aiport with a resilient Hytera DMR Tier III Digital Radio System.

Radiocoms Systems Roll Out Future Proof Radio System

American Airlines are one of the largest carriers operating out of London Heathrow Airport with 20 inbound and outbound flights daily; that’s more than 5,000 passengers every day. In addition to their passenger services; in partnership with Worldwide Flight Services they run a large cargo operation.

The business must function to exacting time constraints; the rapid and efficient turn-a-round of their aircraft, ensuring that they do not miss calculated take-off times is vital; failure to do so, incurs significant financial penalties.

American Airlines has eleven dedicated teams working closely together to achieve optimum operational efficiency in the challenging environment that is London Heathrow Airport, particularly ‘Ramp’ operations. They required a solution that provided instant, clear communications, whilst being robust, reliable and cost effective. On behalf of Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL) AOA Members Radiocoms Systems Ltd installed a Hytera DMR Tier III Digital Trunked System, which uses a ‘Distributed Antenna System’ to provide coverage across the airfield and throughout all the terminals.

Our proposal to American Airlines was to migrate onto this system and we facilitated several trials with the variety of hand portable models that are available for use on the system. After extensive testing American Airlines decided to choose the Hytera PD600 Series - the Hytera PD605 hand portable radio for their Baggage Handling Team and for the rest the Hytera PD685 hand portable. The former required a radio with less features for simple voice communications and the latter required the more feature rich PD685, where ‘Private Calling’ and ‘Text Messaging’ could be utilised. Both these radios have a higher rated speaker and proved to be suitable for operating in the particularly noisy ramp environment.

In addition, they chose the Hytera MD785 Desktop mobile for their static office locations and later this year they will be introducing a new corporate VOIP communications network, where they will be integrating into additional MD785 mobiles.

The Hytera PD600 Series Digital Two Way Radios

The Hytera PD605 & PD685 Series digital two way radio portfolio offers sleek, innovative handsets for professional radio users. With a lightweight, crafted metal design, supporting both digital and analogue technology, the PD600 Series is a popular feature rich device. The PD600 series was developed in compliance with the ETSI DMR standard.

Hytera DMR Tier III Trunking System

The Hytera DMR Tier III DS-6211 is designed for demanding digital two way radio users to deliver business and mission critical communications. Developed in compliance with the ETSI standard, Hytera Tier 3 DMR trunking offers a customised system based on the individual needs of your organisation.

Modular and flexible, a Hytera DMR Tier III trunking system can tackle high radio traffic, maximising available capacity across dynamic user groups and challenging single or multi-site geographies.

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