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    Radiocoms Systems Limited is the UK's leading independent two-way radio provider
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    Services and Offers

    Two Way Radio Systems
    Radiocoms’ sales staff and project engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of two way radio systems design. Learn more...
    Two Way Radio Sales
    Radiocoms’ two way radio sales experience covers virtually all industry sectors. Learn more...
    Two Way Radio Hire
    Should you have a hire requirement, whether it is a long term hire or short term hire, we can advise and guide you through the best solution for your project. Learn more...
    Two Way Radio Installations
    Radiocoms is able to offer a wide range of antenna installation and design services for wide area and in building solutions. Learn more...
    Two Way Radio Maintenance
    All Radiocoms’ maintenance packages provide a loan unit replacement for faulty units being repaired, should a unit be incapable of a timely repair on site. Learn more...
    Two Way Radio Repairs
    Radiocoms’ bench engineers are able to undertake two way radio repairs and testing of hand portable equipment. Learn more...

    Latest News

    Radiocoms Systems Ltd (Radiocoms), the UK’s largest independent two-way radio supplier, is pleased to announce the opening of its sales and support office in Swansea, Wales. 

    • Fireground communications equipment upgraded to improve safety and communications, protecting Hampshire firefighters in hazardous environments
    • Clear communications, noise

    • Fire brigade continues its digital transformation through control room enhancement
    • Cloud-ready system offers future options for dynamic capacity expansion and simplified

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