Zonith ACS (Alarm Control System)

Receive automatic alarm notifications utilising the ZONITH ACS (Alarm Control System) which dispatches alarms from any alarm source to your TETRA or DMR digital two-way radio.

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About Zonith ACS

Automatic Dispatch of Alarms Directly to Employees

Make your business a significantly more efficient and safe workplace through automatic, intelligent dispatch of alarms and tasks.
ZONITH Alarm Control System picks up alarms from any alarm source. It pairs the alarm with the right on-duty employee through the intelligent scheduler, ensuring that problems get handled at the right time by the right person. The alarms are sent as text messages directly to this person on his or her digital radio, pager, mobile phone or email account, depending on how critical the alarm is.

Zonith Features

  • Intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms
  • System prioritizes alarms to optimize the use of available resources
  • Alarm escalation ensures alarms are escalated to the next appropriate person if an individual declines or fails to respond
  • Listens to alarms from multiple sources
  • Always active and provides automated coverage 24/7
  • Notifications can be simultaneously sent to multiple media via:
  • Emails
  • DMR/TETRA Radios: Text Messages and/or Audio Alerts
  • Android Devices: SMS and/or Audio Alerts
  • GSM Phones: SMS and/or Audio Alerts
  • DECT/WiFi Phones

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