WI FI Call Buttons Offer Immediate Assistance for High Profile Oil & Gas Client 

WI FI Call Buttons Offer Immediate Assistance for High Profile Oil Gas Client

Based within a high profile building our client whose primary offering is within the oil and gas vertical approached Radiocoms Systems Ltd with a project brief to offer their frontline teams a discrete way of requesting urgent assistance.

After analysing their working practices Radiocoms’ recommended the popular solution – WI FI Emergency Call Buttons from a Motorola Application Partner. By creating a bridge between their existing Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO two-way radio system infrastructure the wireless WI FI emergency call buttons extend the value of their existing solution, offering enhanced security services and adherence to duty of care laws.

The wireless WI-FI call buttons were placed on the frontline and reception teams’ desks to request urgent assistance from their security team. The simple-to-use features required minimal training. The employees now have a powerful tool at their fingertips, modernising onsite communications, whilst giving extended assurance where there had been voiced concerns over vulnerability.

This robust, scalable solution has laid the foundations to offer future growth when required and has been well received by the employees who have already seen the benefits. The costs to implement the solution, although not a major driver, were kept to a minimum by working off the backbone of their radio system.



wifi button
  • Connect and go, no wires to connect, with the straightforward alarm monitoring module
  • Integrates with emergency alarms, access systems and machinery
  • Notifications to DMR Radios, Radio Group, SMS, email
  • Fully Reportable Alert logging as a CSV file
  • No Licence, monthly costs or support fees


  • Three stage Escalation
  • 60ft (Dependant upon the infrastructure)
  • LED: Status Ring Indicator (White, Red, Green)
  • Three Push Triggers: Short, Double and Long Press
  • Batteries: 3x AAA (Included)
  • Batteries life: 12 months (Based on 10 presses a day)
  • Mount: Screw, Glue/Magnetic



How can WI-FI Wireless Call Buttons protect your Lone Workers?

With lone worker HSE rule changes in 2016 and new manslaughter guidelines released in November 2018 failure to implement the right worker protection can lead to large fines and imprisonment in extreme cases where there has been a loss to life. Senior Team members need to ensure they are not found to have complete disregard for the safety of their employees.

The Lone Worker HSE rule fine changes in 2016 now charges in accordance with company turnover

Organisations need to address their changing circumstances that their employees work in, and the requirement to offer reliable, connected solutions. By integrating software applications/ solutions with your two-way radio system, body cams, tablets or mobile phones you can demonstrate that you have taken steps to protect your workforce. In 2016-17 – the first full year that the new sentencing guidelines for safety and health offences were in place – fines reached £69.9m compared with £38.8m for the same period a year earlier.

What are the typical fines?

  • Large Organisations – Turnover>£50 million – Very high culpability, category could be fined up to £10m
  • Medium Organisations – Turnover £10-£50 million – Medium culpability, starting point £540k
  • Small Organisations – Turnover £2-£10 million – High culpability, starting point £100k

 In November 2018 manslaughter guidelines released by the Sentencing Council stated:

  • An assessment of the liability of the individual is required, which ranges from low, medium, high to very high.
  • Where the individual’s culpability is considered to be very high, the starting point when considering the appropriate sentence is 12 years’ custody, with a potential range of between 10 to 18 years’ detention after relevant aggravating and mitigating factors are taken into account.
  • Even cases involving a lower level of culpability attract a starting point of two years’ custody.


Every system can be linked into your radio systems, mobiles, emails and workstations connecting your workforce site-wide, regionally, nationally or even globally. If you would like to find out more about our lone worker and employee safety solutions contact Radiocoms for a no-obligation on site review >