Product Focus Why choose the Entel DN495 PoC Radio?

Entel DN495


Product Focus – Why choose the Entel DN495 PoC Radio?

The DN495 PoC radio is a rugged, business-critical two-way radio that provides the features of a DMR Tier 2 / Tier 3 radio system but without the associated complexity, restrictions/limitations and high infrastructure costs. The Entel DN400 push to talk over cellular radios work just like regular two-way radios but instead roam across multiple LTE Cellular networks as well as using WiFi networks so they can cover anything from local to national/multi-national coverage.

The DN495 radios can be deployed as quickly as you would a PMR446 system.

What types of businesses will benefit from using Entel’s DN495 PoC radio?

  • Anyone who needs wide area coverage
  • Anyone who needs two-way radios that can always make a call, i.e. not limited by the number of VHF / UHF channels available
  • City users where, due to the built-up area, there is limited VHF / UHF range and very high channel congestion
  • Anyone who needs to deploy a wide area coverage radio system at short notice, e.g.highways maintenance/cycle race/car rally/marathon, etc.


I currently pay an OFCOM two way radio license fee, do I need to pay for a license for my DN495 radios?

Is Entel’s bundled SIM any different to a regular SIM?
Yes, for example Entel’s SIM provides a higher grade of network access, connection quality & security. Entel’s standard roaming SIM, for example, covers 100% of the UK populated area, over 96.99% of the total road miles & 91.4% of the total UK land area as well as other EU countries.

Can I use my own SIM?
Yes, but, if you use a regular SIM you will lose all of the key technical benefits that come as standard with Entel’s SIM.

Can DN400 integrate with existing Analogue & Digital radio systems?
Yes, Entel’s Network Gateway links PoC, Analogue & Digital radio systems together making it possible to communicate between them all.

Can DN400 be used on WiFi only networks?
Yes and, if required, you can purchase and install your own private server.

Does the DN495 have a USB charging?
The DN495 walkie talkie has a USB socket but it will not be used for charging (USB sockets are not considered robust enough for everyday charging in a business critical environment). Instead, Entel supplies a commercial grade, 1 way, rapid drop in charger as standard with all its DN400 radios. If required, commercial grade, 6 way, rapid drop in chargers are also available as an option.

Are there any accessories for DN400 radios?

Yes, DN400 radios share the same extensive range of commercial grade accessories as Entel’s DX400 DMR Digital radios.DN400 accessories include; leather cases, speaker microphones, heavy-duty headsets, covert kits, bone conductive skull/throat mic kits plus Bluetooth wireless accessories.

What other software and support can I add to my Entel DN495 PoC two way radio service?

epoc dispatcher software pcepoc recording software pc recE PoC GatewayE PoC Smartphone iOS
E-POC Dispatching softwareE-POC Recording SoftwareE-POC GatewayE-POC IOS/Android applications

ENTEL and Radiocoms Systems Ltd Partnership

Ranked amongst the leading industry radio communications brands, Entel brings the highest standards of innovation, quality and excellence to their products and software solutions.

With a relationship spanning over 20 years, Entel and Radiocoms Systems Ltd have partnered together to support both the commercial and public sectors. In the UK alone, together they have secured contracts with the UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Ministry of Justice and a global contract with G4S Security. Radiocoms Systems Ltd team of experienced radio communications and software manufacturer qualified experts are based at four offices around the UK. All of their employees are DBS checked.

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