VoCoVo Go Solution for Hospitality.

The VoCoVo Go wireless headset solution is a scalable, efficient, and affordable wireless communications system
that will h
elp you to provide a first class experience to your customers.

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How VoCoVo is transforming hospitality.

First impressions are everything in hospitality, and to build customer loyalty and maintain consistent revenue you must deliver a great guest experience but behind many calm scenes are often stressed staff, and strained management.

So how can you improve your clients experience to ensure positive feedback?
Better team communication. People who feel a sense of connection to their work, and teammates don’t just show up. They look forward to the opportunity, are resilient in the face of challenges and exceed goals faster. Communication between teams is everything – helping to boost productivity, morale, but ultimately your customers’ experience.

So how can you achieve this? 
In order to boost morale and productivity the hospitality sector is introducing technologies that provide employees with a more efficient way of communicating, such as the innovative VoCoVo headset communication system.

Why choose VoCoVo?

VoCoVo enables teams to communicate instantly, to pass information and resolve queries across a wide area. This is a particularly beneficial system for concierge, reception, cleaning, or restaurant teams.

Easy set up – simple plug and play
Easy to use – minimal training for new employees
Long life battery – up to 48 hours usage between charges

Arrange a free trial today and experience how VoCoVo Go can improve your customer experience.

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“The team finds the headsets easy to use, comfortable to wear and
supports the smooth and efficient running of our daily operations,
which helps us provide excellent service to our customers.“

István Varga, Lounge Manager, No.1 Lounges

Here is why VoCoVo is trusted by over 4000 businesses.

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Increase in how quickly colleagues are able to help customer enquiries

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£2.5 million

Efficiency savings year on year

87 percent icon


Think they are better equipped for serving customers

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Increase in how safe colleagues feel at work

Hire and purchase options are available.

Find out today how the GO wireless headset solutions can help you to provide a first class experience to your customers.

Go Starter Kit – simply plug in and go.

Everything you need arrives in the box – just plug in, charge the headsets and start instant communications with your team. Press the button, speak and your whole team can listen, talk and help!

Key Benefits

  • Instant, crystal clear communication
  • Lightweight, robust, push to talk (PTT), wireless headsets
  • Headset voice prompts
  • Full duplex speech
  • No interference from machinery or other devices
  • Up to 29 headsets
  • Up to 3 Repeaters
  • Up to 48 hours headset use from a single charge
  • Under 3 hours to full charge
  • Talk lock (3 minutes) and mute headset features
  • Hire and purchase options available
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