Two-Way Radios for Schools, Colleges and Universities

School, college and university two way radio systems and solutions.

When utilised on a school, college or university campus voice and data radio communication systems can prove to be an invaluable asset.

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Maximise Campus Safety & Efficiency with Voice and Data Radio Communication Solutions

The risk environment within many market sectors has significantly changed over the past ten years, and it is essential that you are always prepared for the ‘what if’ scenario.  Therefore, when an emergency or false alarm occurs on site your staff and visitor safety is of paramount importance. Failing to follow the appropriate regulations can negatively impact your operational and safety goals whilst sometimes leading to costly fines.

For instance, by introducing Radiocoms Systems Ltd voice and data radio communication managed and support services to your school, college or university they will align with every process, ultimately reshaping the way your educational establishment operates and evolves.  Giving you visibility of everything they do, and through regular reviews, Radiocoms will help you with your strategic campus security planning to ensure a return on investment, improved efficiency of your communication systems and assistance with meeting industry regulations.  

Why choose Two Way Radios over Mobile Phones for a School, College or University Campus

How can Radiocoms Systems voice & data radio solutions help you achieve your KPI and regulatory requirements?

Teachers, Security Teams, Facilities Managers and Administrators all want to ensure a rapid, coordinated response to any situation using technology that is within their budget. Adaptability and integration are at the core of any digital voice and data two-way radio system. By giving connection to other workplace equipment & interfaces such as Alarm management, CCTV, software apps, smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS tracking and body worn cameras, they can all offer time saving, monetary benefits and assists you in meeting ROSPA guidelines. For instance;

  • Improved Industry Compliance – Ensures you are meeting your industry guidelines & regulations. If you have advanced educational compliance requirements, Radiocoms Systems can help you achieve them.
  • Faster Detection & Remediation of Threats – By connecting your radio system, bodycams, CCTV, fire alarms, lockdown procedures and much more you will have a robust, cohesive communications system that staff can control remotely.
  • Increased Cyber Security – Your radio communications network infrastructure is a key target. Radiocoms will ensure any risk of significant disruption is eliminated.

Who Uses Two-Way Radios in Education?

Education two-way radios enable efficient, and instant communication between individuals and user groups across the entire school, college or university including:

  • Principles
  • Teaching staff
  • Welfare staff
  • Administration staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Cleaning services
  • Catering staff
  • Bus drivers

Why Choose a Two Way Radio Communications System?

  • An easy to use communication device
  • Full working day battery life
  • Clear audio even in noisy environments
  • Site-wide coverage
  • Location tracking that enhances security
  • Remote connectivity
  • Inter-site communications, e.g. between similar users in adjacent sites
  • Security notifications
  • Have caller ID and panic/emergency call functions
  • GPS Tracking e.g. for use on school trips

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Make sure you add two way radio to your health and safety checklist at your school, college or university.Radiocoms Systems Ltd are the UK’s leading voice & data radio communications company, they have been and continue to be a trusted advisor and supplier to a multitude of market sectors for over 45 years.

Their team of experienced radio communications and software manufacturer qualified experts are based at four offices around the UK. All of their employees are DBS checked.