Two Way Radio Systems and Solutions

Radiocoms Systems Ltd are providing clients worldwide with two way radio systems and solutions.

As a true independent two way radio dealer, Radiocoms has access to the leading manufacturing two way radio system solutions, providing first class support no matter where your requirement is in the world.

Below you will see a list of the two way radio systems from our principal manufacturers.

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Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Two Way Radio Systems

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

A MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect digital solution uses the Internet to extend the coverage of your MOTOTRBO communication system no matter where you’re located. Learn More

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

As a scalable, single-site digital trunking solution, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus expands the capacity of your MOTOTRBO communication system even further. Learn More

MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity +

MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus leverages advanced repeater software, it is available in both single-site and wide-area configurations. Learn More

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max blends innovation, your feedback, and Motorola’s extensive real-world experience to deliver a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution that’s perfect for your business.  Learn More

Wave OnCloud

WAVE OnCloud is a Push-to-Talk (PTT) service that connects smartphones, computers and MOTOTRBO digital two-way radios together.  Learn More

TRBOnet MOTOTRBO Radio Dispatch Solutions

TRBOnet Dispatch System

TRBOnet Enterprise / TRBOnet Plus is a feature-rich and robust control room solution designed to work with MOTOTRBO two-way radio systems of any size and complexity. Learn More

TRBOnet Watch

TRBOnet Watch is an advanced software packet sniffer designed for logging and analyzing data streams in your MOTOTRBO radio networks.  Learn More

Hytera Two Way Radio Systems


The Hytera SmartDispatch application is not a single module, but a group of components that can be built up to a system, based on subscriber size, topology and coverage requirements. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system. Learn More

Smart PTT Radio Dispatcher Software

SmartPTT Enterprise is an integrated voice and data dispatch console software application that enables users of Motorola MOTOTRBO radio systems to use the advanced voice call functions, GPS, texting and emailing functions, as well as offering a host of other features that expand on the capabilities of the radios such as job ticketing, voice recording, telephone interconnect and radio network bridging. Learn More

London ConnectON DMR Tier III

London ConnectON

The vast majority of personnel working in London will use a mobile phone for business-critical operations as part of their corporate health & safety policy, their daily work and personal communications. Fail-safe communications is a system or plan that comes into operation in the event of something going wrong or that is in place to prevent such an occurrence. Learn More

RF over Fibre

RF over Fibre Design Installation Services

At Radiocoms we can provide a range of in-building RF over fibre coverage systems for small, medium and large buildings to ensure wireless coverage is maintained throughout.
Radiocoms offer a design and installation service for RF (Radio Frequency) over fibre optic which is known as RoF (Radio over Fibre) and DAS (distributed antenna systems). Learn More

Tetra Two Way Radio Systems

Motorola Dimetra Express Tetra Systems

Motorola DIMETRA Express is a new flexible TETRA system. By integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system it’s now quick and easy to set up, deploy, and manage your communications.  Learn More

Hytera Tetra Radios and Systems

Hytera TETRA radios are ideal for mission-critical communications, as one of the leading providers of TETRA digital radios in the world, Hytera knows what it takes to ensure safety. You will find Hytera’s TETRA radios used all over the world. Learn More

Sepura Tetra Radios, Systems and Applications

Sepura is a global leader in TETRA digital radio products, with over two million radios deployed worldwide. The Sepura TETRA mobile radio networks deliver excellent coverage, security, and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost-effective scalability. Learn More

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