Two Way Radio Sales Services

Radiocoms Systems Ltd is the UK's leading independent two-way radio provider and as such can provide products and services from the leading manufacturers.

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Independent Supply

As the UK’s largest independent radio communications provider, Radiocoms’ sales team is able to provide an excellent two-way radio sales service, selecting from its approved distributors the products and solutions best suited to its customers’ businesses.

Leading Manufacturers

Industry Specific Sales

Radiocoms’ two-way radio sales experience covers virtually all industry sectors; systems sales for military contracts to provide wide regional coverage; the latest Atex digital product portfolio for petrochemical, off-shore and fire service sectors; mission-critical airport radio and system sales; digital two-way radio solutions with job ticketing, alarm handling and GPS for the retail and leisure sector; and next-day delivery of hand portables and accessories through its e-commerce site.

Choosing The Correct Product

Purchasing two-way radios can be complicated if you are unsure of the terminology or are unfamiliar with the functionality of two-way radios. Today, there are many radio manufacturers and many different types of radios, which is why our expert sales team are on-hand to guide you through the purchasing process with a first-class two-way radio sales service.

Did you know that there are analogue radios, digital radios, two-way radios that can transmit both analogue and digital frequencies? There are also licence free radios that do not require an Ofcom licence; licenced two-way radios that do require an Ofcom licence; Then there are waterproof radios, Atex certified radios, two-way radios that combine both Atex certification and are waterproof and so the list goes on.

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