TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher

The TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher allows the dispatcher to place and receives different types of radio calls, such as private (individual), group or emergency calls. The computer-aided dispatch system has an intuitive user interface, enabling the dispatcher to concentrate on tasks that matter.
TRBOnet is suitable for all industries such as security, transportation, banks, ambulance or police; the dispatcher console will let you extend your system’s capacity and provide the required reliability and scalability.

TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher Features

  • RX / TX over multiple channels simultaneously
  • Selected/Unselected channels (right/left speakers)
  • Volume Control per channel
  • Passive Transmit ( voice is recorded before sending. System waits until channels become free)
  • Voice Mail (to offline radios)
  • Mute/Sole channel
  • Phone interconnect (SIP server required)
  • Emergency Calls
  • Canned Messages
  • Evacuation messages
  • Voice Recording

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