TRBOnet Job Ticketing

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TRBOnet Job Ticketing is an integrated task management system that allows the dispatcher to create, assign and track job tickets across the radio network. Tickets can be accepted or declined by subscriber units with one button click or by sending a predefined text message. Job statuses are customizable and can be adapted to the customer’s business.

TRBOnet Job Ticketing enables the Job Ticketing feature developed by Motorola for MOTOTRBO radios. Thus, this feature makes it possible for radio users to manage their tasks with simple predefined responses menu while the Management gets a very effective and user-friendly tool to control business processes.

The dispatcher creates a new ticket or a ticket based on an existing one in TRBOnet Job Ticketing Module. Thereafter a radio user receives a task which is displayed in the MOTOTRBO Job Tickets menu. The user can simply accept or reject the assigned ticket by using the standard menu options (Quick Reply for full display radios) and just sends the ‘Complete’ message to the Dispatcher when the job is done.

TRBOnet tracks the status of all tickets in real time and notifies a dispatcher if a ticket is overdue. The Management will always know who is working and on what, when the deadline is and how long the job actually took to accomplish.

Job Ticketing is the solution for hotels, transportation, emergency services and other mission-critical enterprises.

TRBOnet Job Ticketing Features: 

  • Available on SL radios and DP4000 series display radios
  • Real-time job ticket tracking
  • Job templates
  • Task control pane
  • Dashboard
  • Job tracking against a deadline

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