Tetra Two Way Radio Systems

Tetra is a digital standard for digital two-way radio communications.

What is Tetra?

Tetra is a digital standard for digital two-way radio communications. Tetra uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), with 25 kHz spacing between carriers, providing four user channels on one radio carrier A low digital data transmission rate ensures that both point-to-point and point-to-multi point transfer can be used.

A Tetra system can support different types of data communication including status messages, short data services, packet-switched data and circuit-switched data. In addition, Tetra systems can communicate in either trunked-mode operation or direct-mode operation by using switching and management infrastructure comprising of TETRA base stations.

Radiocoms Systems Ltd are authorised partners to supply & support TETRA technologies from Motorola Solutions, Hytera and Sepura.

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Tetra System Features

TETRA terminals utilise full-duplex direct connection (the same principal as a mobile phone) to other TETRA users, however, the common mode of operation is in a group calling mode in which a single button push will connect the user to the users in a selected call group or to a dispatcher.

It can also be possible for the terminal to act as a one-to-one two-way radio, utilising the radio network so that normal range limitations are not affected.

Tetra Applications and Product Solutions

A Tetra system primarily covers the needs and requirements of the police, fire departments, utility companies and other large user enterprises that require or provide voice and data communications services.

The below information can be used as a quick reference to see the scope of Tetra products and applications that can be provided by Radiocoms .

TETRA Key Capabilities

  • Data Solutions
  • TETRA Security Solutions
  • Resilience and Availability
  • Operations and Efficiency

TETRA Portable Terminals

  • Rugged, reliable and proven TETRA terminals.
  • TETRA Portable Terminals
  • TETRA Mobile Radios
  • TETRA Data Portable Terminals
  • TETRA Integrated Terminal Management System
  • TETRA Terminal Support Services

TETRA Infrastructure

  • TETRA Infrastructure for Mission Critical Communications.
  • TETRA Core Network for Mission Critical Communications
  • TETRA Base Stations
  • TETRA Dispatch Consoles
  • TETRA Encryption for Secure Mobile Communications

TETRA Radio Applications

  • Harness the capability of you Dimetra network and terminals through applications
  • TETRA Integrated Terminal Management System

TETRA Radio Accessories

  • TETRA Antennas
  • TETRA Audio Accessories
  • TETRA Batteries
  • TETRA Cables and Programming
  • TETRA Wireless Bluetooth Accessories
  • TETRA Carry Accessories
  • TETRA Chargers
  • TETRA In-Vehicle Solutions
  • TETRA Mobile Control Station and Installation Accessories
  • TETRA Speakers
  • TETRA Replacement Parts

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