SmartPTT Releases Express 2.1 Software for Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express

SmartPTT Releases Express 2.1 Software for Motorola Solutions DIMETRA Express


SmartPTT Releases Express 2.1 for DIMETRA Express

SmartPTT is a flexible dispatch console for DIMETRA Express radio systems (TETRA digital radio systems from Motorola Solutions). On the 11th June 2019, SmartPTT announced the release of a new version of software to further enhance this intelligent dispatch console.

The main improvement they have incorporated on the dispatch software update is location tracking support:

  • SmartPTT Express now supports receiving outdoor location information (latitude, longitude, and timestamp) from the Motorola Solutions DIMETRA radio subscriber devices.
  • The data is available over Location Information Protocol (LIP) via DIMETRA Short Data Transport Service.
  • To show the DIMETRA radios on a map, SmartPTT Express supports connection to an HTTP/HTTPS server that hosts map images in the OpenStreetMap (OSM) format.
  • If access to the map server is protected with basic HTTP authentication or requires authentication information provided in the URL address, SmartPTT Express can be configured to provide the required credentials.

This feature requires a new SmartPTT Express licence called “Outdoor SU Location Support”.

The main benefit of this additional functionality has allowed users to locate employees in real time giving complete situational awareness and a better route to decision making by utilising the location map. The response time in critical situations reduces, and employee safety increases.

SmartPTT Express 2.1 supports location data delivered from the Motorola Solutions DIMETRA TETRA radios, using ETSI Standard Location Information Protocol (LIP) over TETRA Short Data Service. Other enhancements of the SmartPTT Express 2.1 release include a utility for HID generation.



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