Smart Airports Use Motorola Solutions Industrial Internet of things

Motorola Solutions Industrial Internet of things for Smart Airports

Smart Airports Use Motorola Solutions Industrial Internet of things


Protect your Airport and infrastructure with secure operations & performance with Motorola Solutions IOT from Radiocoms Systems Ltd

ST7000 May2016 Monte Airport Z4U4835 v2 1Airports and Airline communications systems are mission critical, with millions of passengers passing through and thousands of flights. It is imperative that they are smart, secure and robust enough to withstand everyday operations and any incident.

Motorola Solutions recently explored the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ for the Aviation sector. They identified that by utilising smart technologies, you could take control of all your systems, via a multi-layer solution designed to automatically detect what is happening around you and act and react to maximise performance. Considering the severity of threats and how quickly they can develop, their solutions can help you take control before they take over and control you.

As a Motorola Platinum Partner, Radiocoms Systems Ltd supports the complete portfolio of devices & solutions available from Motorola Solutions which offer full flexibility to drive the smart airport; from TETRA to DMR two-way radios to SCADA for remote monitoring.


Delivering mission-critical communications, protecting strategic airport infrastructure and assuring continuous operations is what Motorola Solutions does right for thousands of clients with their partners at some of the most challenging sites around the world.

Using state of the art technology, Motorola provides extremely reliable automated responses to security breaches. Motorola Solutions scenario driven industrial IOT solutions lets you implement the necessary controls across your entire security infrastructure in order to execute a coordinated response in just a fraction of a second.

Motorola provides a multi-layer security suite that allows detection, management and distribution of security-related incidents within the airport and on its perimeter, thus providing a safe environment for passengers and airport staff. As this infographic demonstrates when critical systems are in control –



  • Always Connected – Network of networks (wired, wireless and radio redundancy) with immediate auto-switching. Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are optimised for TETRA and other LMR communications systems, delivering reliable and secure communications when all other networks and lines are down.
  • Independent Operation – Dependable execution when even the command centre is neutralised. Eliminates human error, shortens response time, reduces costs and operates in both centralised and scattered structures through local logic and distributed access.
  • Always On – Independent power supply via battery or solar panel.
  • Weather-Proof – Resiliently built for even the most extreme climate conditions.
  • Interoperable – Vendor-agnostic for seamless integration with existing infrastructures.
  • Rules-Centric – Customisable to fit any scenario or policy requirements.

Download the full & comprehensive guide from Motorola here



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Radiocoms Systems Ltd is Motorola Solutions leading Platinum Partner in the UK, supporting airports such as Heathrow, Manchester, Stanstead, and Southampton. They also work alongside leading airlines and support services globally, for example, British Airways and American Airlines.


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