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Supporting your systems complete life cycle, Radiocoms’ offer operational and mobility enhancing voice & data communication products & solutions on outright purchase, hire and maintenance contracts. Assisting you in meeting your organisational communication requirements, achieving KPI targets and making improvements to minimise your risk.

You may already have voice & data radio communication systems and solutions in place however, Radiocoms Systems Ltd are set apart from other traditional Two-Way Radio providers by having a more diverse portfolio, with a focus on retention and value.

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Multi-Mode Devices - POC and LTE multi mode devices offer seamless roaming, capable of switching automatically from PMR narrow band for voice or data transmission to LTE broadband frequencies for data requirements. You are always connected - Connections are also available to radio systems and other carriers i.e. 4G and applications to complete the solution which offer full UK/worldwide coverage such as times sheets.

POC/LTE can often operate at a lower cost than a mobile phone purchase/rental contract.

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Bodycams - Gving you visibility, connect a body camera or use the built-in option to record (POC/LTE Devices), live stream and capture. Bodycams ensure you are always protecting lone workers and adhering to strict HSE guidelines.

In 2016-17, the first full year that the new lone worker sentencing guidelines for safety and health offenses were in place fines reached £69.9m, compared with £38.8m for the same period a year earlier.

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Operational Applications - Adaptability and integration are at the core of any digital voice and data communications system. By giving connection to other workplace devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets you can create a unified communications system. Lone worker, job ticketing, alarm handling, GPS tracking & lock down for example can be rolled out to every device for staff to access notifications both on and off site. We offer an R & D Service to fully support your operational requirements and can design a solution to fit.

Creating efficiency and aligning with operational procedures ensures goals are met, offering time saving and monetary benefits. Apps are not limited to just cellular devices. Lone worker, job ticketing, alarm handling, whispering windows & lockdown for emergency situations can be rolled out to every device for staff to access both on and off site.

Two Way Radio - Our radio communications portfolio encompasses a wide variety of robust, encrypted, user-friendly standard and ATEX hand portable radios, so we will be able to recommend the right device for your business requirements.

Every device will be configured & personalised to your exact specification including the assignment of talk groups, user Id's, text messaging facilities, lone worker emergency call button & GPS tracking. To ensure your communication system is always available, enhance and extend your coverage footprint with a repeater system on single or multiple sites.


Save you Money with Hosted Modular Voice & Data Platforms

Give you Increased Cyber Security to Protect Against Attacks

Improve your Industry Compliance

Support you with 24/7 Cover & Assistance in Disaster Recovery

Allow Faster Detection & Remediation of Threats

Provide Reportable Figures for Insurance & Risk Mitigation

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