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Shops and Retail Destinations - Open

Shops and Retail Destinations have successfully re-opened their doors to welcome customers once again, but not without adjustments to their everyday operations. Employers must protect employees, contractors and customers to reduce risk to the lowest reasonable level by taking preventative measures.

As stated within the Government documentation ‘Serious breaches and failure to comply with enforcement notices can constitute a criminal offence, with serious fines and even imprisonment for up to two years.

Communication technologies, as recommended by the UK Government, offer retailers a stable solution to maintain the appropriate social distancing guidelines, minimise travel throughout the workplace, support emergency procedures and support health and safety protocols across a site.

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VoCoVo. Hands free solution.

The VoCoVo professional wireless hands-free headset, dect phone & call point devices offer a solution that can be built around your requirements – from the shop floor to the warehouse and car parks. VoCoVo is a modular and scalable system that can be tailored to cover all areas.

Each base unit is a hub for up to 29 headsets and handsets, and repeaters make it easy to extend coverage across your entire location. To cover more users and areas you can simply add additional base units and repeaters.

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VOCOVO - Retail & Wholesale Headset Communication Solutions
Licence free vs. licenced two way radios - grey

Two-way radio. Licence free vs. licenced.

Non licenced (PMR446) radios are restricted to a maximum 0.5 Watt transmission power and work on a licence free allocation of 16 frequencies. In built-up areas such as cities, these channels can become congested. PMR446 walkie talkies are ideal for small-site, same-building and line of sight outdoor activities.

Licenced (PMR/DMR/LMR) radios work in conventional or trunked mode and will be programmed to your own specific OFCOM frequencies. With the ability to link one site to global locations together licenced hand portables are suited for organisations who need high-power communications, advanced voice features and integrated data services.

With recent developments and innovations offered by radio manufacturers radio communications equipment is simple to deploy even at a large scale. Our team can work with you to carry out roll-outs, programming amendments and support, all remotely if required.

Both technologies offer no call charges or ongoing monthly fees, enabling engagement, collaboration and productivity across your workforce from deployment.

Body worn cameras.

It is estimated that 6.8 million people in the United Kingdom are lone workers, which is 22% of the 31.2m Uk working population*

Recordable body-worn cams can ensure there is always a line of communication open for lone workers when they are carrying out their duties in isolation, or within an environment where they are without supervision. The digital body-worn body camera can be utilised as a standalone device or linked with a hand portable two-way radio.

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POC. Push to talk over cellular for retail



POC. Push to talk over cellular.

For improved productivity and efficiency many organisations are adopting Push-To-Talk over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks which provides instant communications with large coverage and national or international connectivity. This solution can offer connectivity to area managers, remote workers and other employees that need to communicate with employees on site.

If required this wireless two-way communication technology can complement a DMR radio network by maintaining a continuous, half-duplex active connection within or between groups of users.

Radiocoms support a wide variation of POC manufacturers technology such as Entel, Hytera, Motorola Solutions and PTTi.

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Communication solutions for retail social distancing guidelines

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