Keeping railway employees on track and
protected with smart, critical communications.

Mainline and underground railways play a vital role in supporting both passengers and freight every day, ensuring they reach their destination safely and on time. 

Critical wireless networks also have a vital role to play. The reliability and security of your communications network will allow you to achieve new levels of connectivity and automation, while reducing costs, boosting employee safety, improving efficiency, and customer service.

By monitoring and managing your system in real-time, you can anticipate problems before they become emergencies, providing efficient on-time operations, and ensuring safety and security 24/7.

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The way we communicate is changing.

The way we communicate is changing, and the ability to do more with less in a professional environment is becoming ever more prevalent to support everyday workloads and the capturing of evidence during physical and verbal attacks. 

 In 2019 an RMT survey found that 72% of frontline transport workers have experienced workplace violence in the last year alone. Of those, nearly 90% had been subjected to violence on multiple occasions. During Network Rail’s #TogetherAgainstHate campaign in 2020 recorded CCTV footage showed employees experiencing both verbal and physical abuse, and emphasised that violence and threatening behaviors are completely unacceptable. These statistics still continue to grow with Southern Eastern railway reporting almost 1,000 abusive incidents against their railway employees over the last seven months. 

The threat of physical violence is evidently dangerous, but the stress and anxiety caused by constant verbal abuse can be equally damaging. Consequently, this may have a negative impact on the work environment and service.  

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Operating in challenging environments.

Operating in challenging environments devices must stand up against drops from a height, loud background noise and severe weather whilst also providing timely access to critical information. 

Two-way communication is the solution that bridges the information flow between the control, platform staff and trains to ensure everyone is protected. A secure, dedicated radio network will provide reliable and efficient communications no matter the circumstances. Our portfolio of ruggedised handheld devices include (DMR/BBPTT/LTE) and wearable cameras are built to withstand track side harsh environments to customer facing teams, all supported by various headsets, earpieces, and microphones. 

This solution is designed for mission-critical communications that can be scaled up to meet regional and national requirements. As a result, your workers will be heard in any environment, and respond to live information to keep operations running efficiently.

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