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Framework agreements such as CCS Network Services 3 RM6116 or ESPO 393i offer an efficient and smarter way to procuring products and services from accredited suppliers. Here at Radiocoms Systems Ltd, we have over 50 years of experience within the public sector including central, regional & local government, fire and rescue services, NHS and educational establishments.

If you are considering procuring communications equipment, solutions or support services take a look through our framework resources to help support your decision. You can utilise our framework agreement for all of your communication requirements including voice, data, video and mobile communications, software applications and support services.

What is the fastest way to purchase products and services from Radiocoms?

Buying products and services through the frameworks offers reduced procurement timescales and costs.

Crown Commercial Services Network Services 3 – RM6116

Like its predecessor (the now expired RM3808), the RM6116 Network Services framework can be used by the UK public sector, associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector, charities and private organisations acting as managing agents.

You will also have access to our dedicated support helpdesk for queries & advice.

View the Network Services Framework and Government eMarketplace guides >

ESPO – 393i_21 Lot 2 and Lot 3 – Supply of telecommunications equipment

ESPO is a public sector owned professional buying organisation (PBO), specialising in providing a wide range of goods and services to the public sector for over 35 years. They offer a comprehensive, one-stop shop solution of over 27,000 catalogue products, 120 frameworks and bespoke procurement services, all with free support and advice available from their expert teams.

Who can use the framework?

View the framework >

How do I know which product and/service should I choose?

Radiocoms offer a wide variety of communication products, solutions and services and getting started on which route to take can sometimes be challenging.  Through our specialist sales and engineering team, we can support your decision-making process.

Firstly, assemble a solid list of your requirements is the first step, they could include:

  • What are you looking to achieve – will this replace and existing communications solution, or is this to support integration with existing legacy technologies?
  • What important capabilities are missing from your current solution?
  • What are business cases are you looking to achieve with this technology?
  • What are your technical and procurement requirements? Read the Governments guidance on choosing technology
  • What is your budget for the project?
  • Are you looking to procure through a one-off exercise or a continual call off for a set period of time?
Can Radiocoms advise & support me to find the right solution for my organisation?

We can help you during the all-important research phase, so you can ensure you receive the solution and services you are looking to achieve from the procurement exercise.

Still can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact your account manager for assistance or email or  or call 0333 939 0022.

Where can I access the framework forms?

You can access CCS Network Services 3 Direct Award Order Form here. For further guidance please click here.

For all ESPO orders, you can place your order via their online catalogue or via a call off/further competition procedure. For further guidance please click here.

How do I issue a direct award on Crown Commercial Service RM3808 Framework?

CCS offer two methods of procurement when buying through the RM6116 framework 

  1. Direct Award: with a Direct Award you can easily procure products and services without the need to run a further competition when there is a valid Service Offer (SO) published on the Government eMarketplace. The first step is to contact your Account Manager who will help you to fill out the Direct Award Call Off Order Form.

Benefits of direct award:

  • Formally recognised with pre-defined products and services
  • Service offers enable a quicker route to cost savings
  • A faster route to contract, signature and service delivery
  • Combination of catalogue items to purchase a wider solution
  • No tender process needed
  1. Further Competition: this helps you to amend or refine a wider range of the template call-off terms and conditions, giving you more flexibility when defining your statement of requirements. This route should be used when you need suppliers to develop proposals or solutions to meet your statement of requirements. It can also be used when your requirement covers multiple lots of the RM6116 agreement.

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