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PTTi push to talkPTTi Push to Talk delivers Group Voice & Data PoC Communication Solutions empowering organisations & teams in real-time to ‘Know More & Do More™’.

For improved productivity and efficiency many organisations are adopting Push-To-Talk over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi networks which provides instant communications with wide area/national coverage or international connectivity. By embracing wireless IP infrastructure, content mobility, cloud computing and big data insight; PTTi Push to talk technology helps to innovate dynamic new ways for teams to get digitally coordinated, share information and do their jobs more efficiently. PTTi are a UK based company and is accredited with the global open standard body OMAPOC (3GPP) to Level 12.

With servers housed in an Equinix Tier 4 Server Facility in Canary Wharf you can be assured that your PTTi Push to Talk PoC solution will have full resiliency. In addition, with a direct connection to Access Point Names (APN’s) into the cellular networks the PTTi PoC solution offers a higher ‘Air Interface Priority’ with a Level 7 QoS Client Identifier; guaranteeing service on a congested site.


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PTTi Push to Talk Over Cellular PoC Devices

Sonim XP8 XP8800 Device

The Sonim XP8 is more than just another rugged smartphone. It’s where tough meets smart, agility meets security, cost meets value.

This Band 14/FirstNet enabled smartphone is for missions that demand much more than voice communication. It is an ultra-reliable, ultra-rugged smartphone that’s built to provide those who serve with the smart communication they need, regardless of situation or environment.

Glove-friendly – A 5” puncture-resistant glove and wet compatible touchscreen for easy interaction and clear visibility.

SY580 PoC Device

The SY580 is a mid-range PoC handset. Loaded with Push-to-Talk International’s PTTi application.

It is a device which is small in size but large in capacity – it can be used in any setting thanks to its combined 2.4″ touch screen and semi-keypad, and will provide a similar user experience to two-way radio thanks to its textured and reactive PTT button. Learn More

Rugged Design – The SY580 is certified to IP67 standards against dust and water ingress, and is drop-tested to 1.5m.

SY590 PoC Device

The SY590 is an advanced PoC handset, loaded with Push-to-Talk International’s PTT application.

It is the perfect device for users who need to converge multiple technologies into one powerful and rugged device; experience wide-area PTT communications whilst utililising all the tools available on an Android-powered handset. Learn More

GPS Antenna – Get the most accurate location data from the SY590 thanks to its dedicated GPS & GLONASS antenna.

SYM5 PoC Mobile

The SYM5 is a mobile PoC terminal manufactured by TeloSystems, loaded with Push-to-Talk International’s PTT application. This device is perfect for transport and logistics users who need wide-area PTT from a dedicated vehicular unit. Learn More

Intuitive User Interface – With 4″ touch-screen and additional programmable buttons, the SYM5 PoC moible is designed for easy of use in both stationary and moving vehicles.

Hytera VM780 PoC Bodycam

The most advanced Hytera Bodycam available. Compatible with multiple push-to-talk over cellular applications the VM780 provides HD video recording and streaming combined with the ability to make and receive PoC calls. Learn More

Real time video streaming – With 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, this device can transmit on-site real-time video back to the command and dispatch centre, allowing the dispatcher to see how events unfold on the field.

Hytera VM780 PoC Bodycam

You can utilise your Hytera Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) hardware with PTTi’s POC Infrastructure.

Choosing the correct device for your requirements is essential, but with the full range of Hytera Push to Talk Over Cellular solutions there is a product to meet all needs and budgets. Learn More

PTTi POC - Software Applications

PTTi Push to Talk POC-IT Dispatcher

The PTTi Push to Talk POC-IT Dispatcher Software allows users of PoC (push to talk over cellular) Systems to communicate, message, track and provide customer support services/management services from a central location.

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