Product Focus – Hytera E-Pack 100 Digital Ad Hoc Repeater

Hytera E pack 100 repeater closeup


Reliable communications offer seamless, accurate information, delivering intelligence in a timely manner and the Hytera E Pack 100 repeater can deliver high performance in demanding environments. Radiocoms Systems Ltd can support you with easy to deploy mobile base, offering instant radio communications without the need for a power source.

The E-pack which is part of Hytera comprehensive repeater portfolio can be used as a radio to make and receive calls, and also creates a wireless mobile ad-hoc network to route voice. With an embedded GSM card, if an E-pack node is away from the network it can make a call via a public network to any E-pack node on the network.

Where required the repeater can be loaded into a backpack and carried on the person.

This Hytera repeater is compatible with the Hytera portfolio of two-way radios, mobiles and bodycams. 

Standard Package includes: 1 x Hytera E PACK 100 Repeater Unit (Wireless topology networking, GPS positioning, alarm, message, GSM link), Battery, Power Cord & Adapter (AC/DC Input), Palm Microphone, User Manual and a 24 Mth Warranty

Upgrade option: E-pack100 DMR AES Encryption licence.

E Pack 100 Technical Specification

  • VHF (134-174MHz) or UHF (410-470MHz), DMR Tier II
  • Dimensions(LxWxD)  – 295X187X68mm
  • Weight – 3.6Kg (with battery)
  • Dust & Water Intrusion – IP67
  • Battery Life – Battery Life (5-5-90 Duty cycle) Analogue: approx. 20 hours; Digital: approx. 23 hours
  • Charging Time – Rapid charge 2h 80%; 3h fully charged
  • 185WH battery power, additional power supply as an optional accessory
  • 5/10/20W RF output power



E Pack100 front and back view


  • High Spectrum Efficiency – Based on TDMA and FDMA technology, one frequency can be used to make calls and route voice at the same time, greatly saving frequency resources.
  • Reliable Quality – Hytera E-pack 100 is strictly compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards and water and dust proof rating is up to IP67, ensuring outstanding performance even under harsh environments.
  • Fast Deployment – Based on wireless mobile ad hoc networking, Hytera E-pack 100 is capable of creating and joining networks to deploy the communication system as soon as it is powered on.
  • Caller Location Display – Radios within each E-pack node of the ad hoc network can check the location of caller including distance and azimuth angle.
  • GSM Link as Backup – With an embedded GSM card, an E-pack node separated from with radios on the network.


WATCH THE VIDEO – Chris Cant; Hytera’s System Product Manager provides an overview for Hytera’s E-Pack100



User Case Scenario 1 – High Rise Building 

In high rise buildings signal loss can be an issue during a deployment that requires continuous communications for safety and operational reasons, the Hytera E Pack 100 will ensure the radio signal will work from the basement to roof level, keeping your whole team in contact.


E Pack100 front user scenario

Benefits of the Hytera E Pack 100 in a high rise building:

  • Power on to automatic networking
  • Wireless extension, no cabling required
  • Small, light, easy deployment
  • 20W strong signal penetrating power


User Case Scenario 2 – Field Operations

Where there is a need to build a temporary communication system, the Hytera E Pack 100 can be rapidly deployed to build a temporary communications network which is ideal for an emergency situation or outdoor operations.


E Pack100 front user scenario field operation


Benefits of the Hytera E Pack 100 within an open area:

  • Temporary signal extension
  • Fast and Flexible networking
  • IP67 for an outdoor environment
  • 20W output power for large coverage



Carrying Accessories

  • POA157 – Demo Case, which can carry 3 main units+3 batteries+3 antennas+3 speaker microphones+1 power adaptor+3 PD785/985 radios+1 radio charger.
  • NCN018 – Nylon Backpack, equipped with antenna extension rod and host fixed backboard.

Charger Accessories

  • PS10001 – Power Adapter, including the power cable(AC input, DC input, DC output; China standard/ America standard/UK standard/EU standard/Australia standard)(RoHS). Input:12V~36V/12A Output:12V-16.8V/8A.


  • Portable battery, including air-transportation or sea / land-transportation options, 12.5Ah.

Maintenance Kit

  • PC101 – Programming Cable.
  • PWC19 – DC input power supply cable.
  • PWC18 – Power supply cable between power adapter and main unit.
  • TQC150FC (VHF)  / TQC400FC (UHF) – Antenna (without sucker, thick and soft rod, 2.5dB; 410~470MHz, 136-174MHz) *VHF & UHF Antennas are frequency specific. Please supply frequencies to be used at order time to select the correct antenna.
  • A mounting bracket used to hold E-pack100 from the back.
  • E-pack100 antenna extension rod used to extend the height of E-pack antenna.
  • Wall Mounting bracket: Used to wall mount the E-pack100.


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