Push to Talk PoC Software Solutions

Push to Talk POC software allows users of PoC (push to talk over cellular) Systems to communicate, message, track and provide customer support services/management services from a central location.

From bus communications that include Real Time Passenger Information systems (Rti) to tracking and location functionalities for widely dispersed teams such as couriers, local government employees in varying roles or security teams.

PTTi dispatch software

PTTi also manages assets such as Bluetooth Beacons, embraces Cisco CMX systems for data analysis/analytics with the addition of the PTTi’s Wi-Fi Systems Hotspot dashboard to assist customers in determining usage.

Within the software available PTTi also has an option for a TETRA gateway to allow talk groups on TETRA to interface with the PTT solutions. This offers a professional migration from a radio system such as TETRA to seamlessly move to a PoC – PTT system without losing connectivity.


Push to Talk PoC-IT Dispatcher
Features and Specification

  • Windows Based – Two Variants – Touchscreen Orientated Fleet Administrator:
    › Map centric with GeoTalk™ in call location viewing
    › Multi-session monitoring centric
  • Simple Drag and drop user interface
  • Multi Channel / Multi Session Monitoring
  • Multi-select broadcasting
  • Call Recording / Mute-Record-Catch up
  • Patching callers – Add users to an ongoing group
  • Locate Users if permitted
  • Monitor multiple groups and channels simultaneously
  • Call P2P,  group calling / Pre-emption and Priority calling
  • Manual or auto record SOS calls
  • Historical playback of locations & audio playback
  • Send / receive short codes and ad hoc messages
  • Change refresh period of GPS locations
  • Lone Worker tools with tasking count down timers
  • Documented API exists to integrate into other command room solutions

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