Petrochem Atex Two Way Radios

Radiocoms supply Atex Two Way Radios to a number of blue-chip Petrochemical companies throughout the UK.

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Harsh Environments

Radiocoms supply Atex Two Way Radios to a number of blue-chip Petrochemical companies throughout the UK. Keeping pipelines and sites secure and running safely and efficiently in the petrochemical industry with difficult operating environments presents constant challenges to the industry. These harsh environments mean that Atex two-way radios need to be robust enough to withstand extreme temperature, dust, noise, and moisture and be able to operate in hazardous environments. Site workers can be kept safe by Atex two-way radio features such as lone worker and man down alarms, caller ID and GPS tracking, and there is a variety of automated process and alarms that can connect immediately with the appropriate emergency service providing peace of mind for staff. Multiple talk-groups can be enabled to stay in constant communication over long distances.

Atex Two Way Radios

Petrochemical Atex two-way radios enable efficient communication between individuals and user groups across the entire site including:

  • Access control
  • Security control
  • Control of heavy machinery.
  • Emergency communications, e. g. fire evacuation
  • Health and Safety
  • Efficient communication.

Analogue to Digital Atex Two Way Radios

With the cancellation of the popular Motorola analogue Atex two way radio equipment, you may need to know what your product options are.

The latest range of digital Atex radios which are ideal for Petrochemical companies looking to upgrade their analogue radios are:

  • Motorola DP4000Ex digital or analogue series Atex handsets with integrated GPS, man-down, lone-worker

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  • Hytera PD785Ex digital or analogue Atex handsets

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Digital Atex Two Way Radio Additions

Integrated Solutions

With the advent of digital two-way radio communications has come integrated IT solutions, such as TRBOnet and Smart PTT which allow remote terminals the ability to record all voices calls, receive emergency calls, track radios via GPS, make inbound and outbound telephone calls, email, SMS and much more.

Alternative Solutions

Should your Petrochemical site require a more specific requirement, a possible alternative could be an Atex Tetra two-way radio Solution.
If you require even more flexibility then a new Android Atex mobile phone is now available, featuring a very useful dual-sim function.

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