Product Focus – OTTO NoizeBarrier TAC Headset

Product Focus OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset

OTTO NoizeBarrier™ TAC Headset — The Clear Choice for Emergency Service Operators

The OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset is the industry’s first fully modular tactical communications headset featuring crystal clear radio communications, 360˚ advanced situational awareness, and industry-leading hearing protection for mission-critical operations.

The TAC headset can be configured to meet a wide variety of comms needs, ranging from single radio and PTT options to multi-channel, multi-radio options controlled by the OTTO Multi-Port Hub. The OTTO TAC connector options include all major radio systems for maximum versatility.

OTTO has collaborated with tactical operators to design and engineer a headset that meets the demands of today’s modern emergency services:

  • With its small form factor, lightweight, rugged, machined aluminium construction the headset fits easily onto the person or can be stowed away
  • The ambidextrous left or right-hand usability with “positive feel” PTT and situational awareness control buttons make it easier to operate even when wearing gloves
  • Mission configurable, the headset will support up to three simultaneous communications networks with three separate PTT buttons
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone has built-in active wind and noise reduction technology that virtually eliminates background noises and ensures understandable radio transmissions in loud environments


Otto Active Headset Earth

Main features of the OTTO headset:

  • IP68 (fully waterproof headset)
  • 29dB hearing protection (higher than comparative products)
  • Good connection to low cut helmets (when compared to comparative product)
  • Full compatibility to TAC-PTT solutions with wireless PTT options
  • 72 hours of operating time while using battery power without degradation of sound quality, an automatic shut down after 2 hours of idle time
  • Colour Options – Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab Green


With the OTTO NoizeBarrier™ TAC You Can Hear the Difference

The TAC Headset signal-processing circuitry and 40 mm Dual Voice Coil speakers are designed and engineered specifically to provide accurate sound reproduction without distortion and with the broadest frequency response available. The result is crystal clear comms and 3-D audio imaging, delivering an unparalleled soundscape experience for maximum safety and combat effectiveness. The OTTO Noizebarrier TAC Headset sound localisation microphones with both wind and noise suppression technology transmit verbal communications without noise to enhance mission success.

… Without Missing Out on Critical Details

A few missing words can mean the difference between success and failure. Compared to competitive products, the OTTO NoizeBarrier TAC prevents temporary audio dropouts, ensuring crystal clear, continuous radio communications even when loud sounds are present, improving safety and tactical awareness.

SKU: OTTO-V4-11072BK

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