New Android Based Dispatcher – Effective Command and Control Communications

GVS Android Dispatcher Emergency

New from software application partner GlobalView Systems, Radiocoms’ are now able to offer an Android based dispatch software for effective command and control communications.

Powered by InteraX and coupled with a simple, intuitive touchscreen, providing a telephone link to other dispatchers and two- way radio. For joined up communications and enhanced safety and efficiency.


Watch the Android Dispatcher in action 

Key Features of the Android Dispatcher

GVS Android Dispatcher 1

  • Simple User Interface: Dispatcher benefits from an intuitive and simple UI design.
  • Flexible Communication: Private Call, Group Call,Intercom and messaging.
  • Emergency Notification: Alerts the dispatcher instantly when a radio emergency button is pressed.
  • Android O/S: Enjoy a wide range of device options, using the Android base.
  • Radio Connectivity: Direct IP connection to multiple radio repeaters.
  • Simple Broadcast: One button broadcast across up to 6 timeslots.


Android Dispatcher Operation Modes – Programmable modes to manage and train your team

GVS Android Dispatcher 2

Operational mode (colour coded green) is the normal operational state for the dispatcher console.

Simulator mode (colour coded blue) to provides the realism of a ‘real life’ environment whilst maintaining the reassurance this is a training/test scenario.



User Interface – Simple user interface designed specifically for touch screen operation

GVS Android Dispatcher Screen Shots

  • FAVOURITE – Ease of access to the most commonly used channels.
  • CHANNELS – PTT to less commonly used contacts.
  • DISPATCHERS – Configure and view other dispatcher communication activity.
  • INTERCOM – Dispatcher to dispatcher inter communication.
  • PRIVATE CALL – Contact any radio/ radio group in the address book
  • MESSAGE – Send/receive text messages to any radio user or dispatcher.


Emergency Mode – Fast Emergency Alerting you when you need it most

GVS Android Dispatcher Emergency


Safety of workers is a priority. When the user presses the two-way radio emergency button an instant alert is sent to all dispatchers monitoring the emergency channel for immediate action.




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