MOTOTRBO Ion Services

Make sure your business-ready MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio is protected from unplanned downtime.

With ever-increasing radio complexity, in-house radio management teams are under pressure to stay current. Current technical support and hardware repair capabilities
of Mototrbo Ion business-critical communication systems are critical as technology evolves. Keep your radio fleet updated and secure with
regular maintenance and management through MOTOTRBO Ion services.





Key features of the service package

Technical Support
Motorola Solutions understands the importance of maintaining the smart radio fleet to its optimal performance. Our experienced engineers are available to help isolate and resolve any issues you may have with your smart radios. With an extensive knowledge base, trained and certified technical engineers, and detailed escalation procedures, our team can troubleshoot and provide prompt resolution to your device issues.

Hardware Repair
When the worst happens and you have an unexpected device failure, your hardware can be back in operation as quickly as possible. With state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, advanced repair tools and genuine replacement parts, Motorola Solutions can repair or replace your radio quickly and to factory specifications. To ensure quality, all our service centres are certified to comply with ISO 9001.

RadioCentral with Batch Programming
RadioCentral allows you to manage and program multiple smart radios at a time via LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity. By utilising cloud hosting, smart radio codeplugs to be stored in a centralised database allowing remote configuration of data and remote programming of radios. Once set up, your centralised database allows efficient organisation of codeplugs and makes it a one-stop shop for edits or changes to specific devices or your entire fleet.


Software Updates
Ensure continuous security, performance and enhanced functionality of your MOTOTRBO Ion business-critical smart radio with certified and tested software updates that protect and enhance operations to extend the lifespan of your handheld device. With regular, planned updates, you can minimise unforeseen costs and service disruptions while expanding the capabilities of the MOTOTRBO Ion smart radios, increasing productivity, reliability and safety.

Accidental Damage
While our smart radios are built for superior performance, accidents happen. One of the optional extra services we offer is extended accidental damage coverage and support. This additional cover includes repair and restoration of the device back to original factory specifications along with a rapid return of the device back to you.

MyView Portal
MyView is a web-based platform that gives you a transparent, single source view of fleet status and service delivery information. With MyView, you can make smarter, faster and more proactive decisions about your fleet. The MyView portal gives you access to your device data, service case history, firmware and software status information to ensure smooth running of your fleet and business.


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