mototrbo anywhere
mototrbo anywhere

MOTOTRBO radio communications provide superb voice quality, innovative features, capacity and coverage that can be tailor-made for your business with devices that enable you to connect different teams of workers in all types of environments.

Now Motorola have taken that a step further with MOTOTRBO Anywhere, a solution that adds broadband push-to-talk (PTT) capability so mobile device users can connect to your radio system.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere is a specialised solution built around a mobile device application and a network server and gateway. It gives you the flexibility to go further, react faster and reach more people. It works almost anywhere, on any carrier’s network, on most Android™ or iOS™ mobile devices. Some of your employees may not always carry a radio. They may need to work outside your radio system’s coverage area. And sometimes you need to respond to rapidly changing business conditions, while still making sure your employees can communicate together. That’s where MOTOTRBO Anywhere fits in perfectly. It enables workers to communicate with MOTOTRBO radio users and talkgroups on their mobile devices, with an easy-to-use Android or iOS application which connects via a wireline server and gateway to the MOTOTRBO radio network. Now you can leverage your reliable MOTOTRBO network and extend communications to other mobile broadband devices. It’s the ideal enhancement to MOTOTRBO – to help your business connect, grow and thrive.

MOTOTRBO Anywhere: Client Features

Unique Profile for Every User:

When you log in to the MOTOTRBO Anywhere application with your username and password, your unique user profile of contacts and talkgroups are loaded automatically, so that you can be productive right away.

Private Calls, Group Calls, Multi-Group Calls:

Make discreet private calls to individual MOTOTRBO users directly from your smartphone. Or connect with a whole team, group or department. MOTOTRBO Anywhere allows you to communicate with talkgroups of thousands of people at once. You can even listen to up to 16 talkgroups simultaneously.

Visual Activity Indication:

Even if you can’t listen to every call, the screen of your smart device will show you exactly when a talkgroup is active, and which user is speaking.

Call History:

MOTOTRBO Anywhere keeps a record of all the calls you’ve made since your last logon.

Secure Communications:

You can be confident in the confidentiality of your communications, MOTOTRBO Anywhere secures the control and voice traffic using AES 256 bit encryption.


The MOTOTRBO Anywhere application prioritises private calls over group calls, and incoming cellular voice calls over private and group calls. And once your cellular call is over, normal MOTOTRBO Anywhere functionality is seamlessly restored.

Visual Indication of Network Connection:

Need to keep track of your cellular data usage? The MOTOTRBO Anywhere application clearly shows you whether you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.