Motorola Solutions WAVE 5000

Motorola Solution WAVE 5000
Push-to-Talk (PTT) on Broadband Networks and Devices

WAVE 5000 enables highly scalable, feature rich, enterprise grade push-to-talk (PTT) on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between mobile worker and teams.

From two-way radios to smartphones, laptops to landlines, tablets to rugged handhelds, WAVE 5000 lets your users use the devices they already have and the networks they already subscribe to connect and talk to others both inside and outside of your communications environment. Wherever your personnel are, whatever they do, WAVE 5000 lets them connect and communicate with simple, secure, affordable PTT. The system can support up to 3000 similtaneous users with plans to increase this to 5000.

WAVE 5000 is a simple to install application and functionality is provided through a server. The server can be bought for the system or integrated into an existing network. The WAVE 5000 Server manages all communications between MOTOTRBO systems and broadband networks and devices, and maintains user credentials and configuration information for smartphone clients.

The WAVE 5000 application is highly scalable and can grow alongside your business. The system uses a wireline interface to integrate with a MOTOTRBO  Capacity Plus and Linked Connect Plus radio systems. The application can integrate with a MOTOTRBO™ system but can also be used as a standalone broadband PTT solution when radios are not required. The WAVE server manages all communications and saves all configuration credentials for the smartphone clients on the system.

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WAVE Communicators Enable Your Workforce to Connect and Collaborate – Whatever the device or available network, WAVE has client applications that meet the needs of all types of users. Called WAVE Communicators, these applications provide the user interface to a WAVE communications system.


Turn Your Apple or Android Device into a Multi-Channel PTT Handset

Not everyone needs or wants to carry a radio handset. But they do want instant, secure access to important, often mission-critical communications wherever they are located.

With a WAVE Mobile Communicator installed on a smartphone, tablet or custom handheld, any user can access PTT communications from any location, talking with groups of other users or individuals as required. Mapping, presence and channel activity monitoring improve situational awareness for everyone.


Access PTT Communications from Your Desktop PC

You’re not a mobile worker in the field responding to events and service calls, but you’re there to provide support from headquarters, a communications center or a remote location.

Let’s turn your desktop PC into a PTT communications hub.


Use a Web Browser to Access Your WAVE Communications Channels

You’re not at your own PC, or you cannot get to it quickly. Other PCs are available. That’s when the WAVE Web Communicator comes in to its own. WAVE Web Communicator can manage more than 20 channels of secure, encrypted audio from inside a web page.

Using secure access to WAVE processing and management functionality on remote servers, in a hosted environment or as a Cloud-based service, any web browser attached to any IP network (wired or wireless) can provide access to WAVE-enabled communications.


Motorola Solutins lex l11 LTE DeviceThe Motorola LEX L11 LTE Handheld enables more intelligent communication and collaboration by connecting executives, supervisors, remote knowledge workers, field workers and IT managers across businesses. Originally designed for public safety, the sleek yet rugged LEX L11 also meets the unique requirements of the manufacturing, utilities, hospitality, public works and other enterprise environments by delivering advanced capabilities not available in consumer-grade smartphones.

The sleek LEX L11 is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation with a no-slip grip and a 4.7-inch touch screen. It features best-in-class audio performance with dual 1 Watt front-facing speakers, tri-microphone noise and echo cancellation, and a dedicated PTT button for fast voice collaboration. It uses a removable battery that enhances long-term usage in the field.

The LEX L11 is secured with hardware encryption and Security Enhanced Android OS. It works on 3G/4G LTE and dedicated public safety LTE networks, ensuring seamless roaming and optimal coverage at all times. The WAVE Mobile Communicator is also compatible with other LTE/WiFi Android smartphones.

Client Story – British Airways Deploys Motorola Wave

British Airways deploys wave

An easy to use, cost-effective communication solution was required, that was flexible and accommodating to a fast changing organisation and location landscape at Heathrow Airport and beyond.

There were several driving factors for British Airways to commence this project. Firstly, BA needed to relocate operations from its facility in the Compass Centre to its Waterside headquarters and Terminal 5. Secondly, the airline needed to reduce the total cost of ownership of voice, video and data services in use. Finally, British Airways wanted a way to manage communication services with ease. Read the full case study here.


IP Site Connect

Capacity Plus

Linked Capacity Plus

Capacity Max

Wave OnCloud


Alarm Handling


Job Ticketing

Lone worker

Voice Recording


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