Motorola Solutions Legacy Products End of Repairs Announcement – April 2020

Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Products End of Repairs April 2020.1


28th April 2020Motorola Solutions have issued a notification for the end of support on serviceable parts for their legacy portfolio.

Motorola Solutions Legacy Products End of Repairs announcement effects the following portfolios:

  • MOTOTRBO DP3000 Series Portable Radios – DP3400 / DP3401 / DP3600 / DP3601 (product cancelled 2013)
  • MOTOTRBO DM3000 Series Mobile Radios – DM3400 / DM3401 / DM3600 / DM3601 (product cancelled 2013)
  • MOTOTRBO DR3000 Series Repeater (product cancelled 2015)
  • Legacy DP2400andDP2600 MOTOTRBO Portable Radios  (product replaced by DP2400e/DP2600e
  • Legacy Analogue GP Compact Portable Radios – GP344 / GP388 (product cancelled 2014)
  • Legacy Analogue GP Professional Portable Radios – GP320 / GP340 / GP360 / GP380 (product cancelled 2014)
  • Legacy Analogue GM Professional Mobile Radios – GM340 / GM360 / GM380 (product cancelled 2014)

By moving the service kits to a cancellation phase, we now can only repair the Motorola Solutions Legacy Products with genuine parts whilst stocks last. For that reason repairs by Radiocoms Systems Ltd, an authorised repair partner on the product portfolios listed above can no longer be guaranteed.

To discuss this further, please contact us directly or consult with your Account Manager.

Whilst care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this bulletin, Motorola Solutions retains the right to make changes at any time without notice.