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Motorola DIMETRA Express is a new flexible TETRA system. By integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system it’s now quick and easy to set up, deploy, and manage your communications.

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About Motorola

Motorola DIMETRA Express is a new flexible TETRA system. By integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system it’s now quick and easy to set up, deploy, and manage your communications. You simplify everyday operations while reducing costs and complexity over the long term.

Quickly integrate Motorola DIMETRA Express into your network, provision multiple subscribers, and complete installation easily using browser-based apps and tools. Once it’s up and running, DIMETRA Express is easier to manage and operate through web-based network management and dispatch applications.

Motorola DIMETRA Express offers the voice, short data, and telephony services your teams demand. And it’s expandable to multiple sites, so it can grow as your business does.

Radiocoms Systems Ltd are a Motorola Solutions TETRA & DIMETRA System Elite Specialist – Offering a fully retained service, all of our sales & engineering staff have been trained to design, configure and deploy this solution.


Dimetra Express System Features

Fully integrated system
With the switch and base radios integrated into a one-box or modular system, Motorola DIMETRA Express is easy to setup and install. It features a small physical footprint, so it requires less space and power and has fewer components. The result? You reduce total cost of ownership and focus on your business instead of your communications system.

Full TETRA capability
Organisations today demand more than just talk. They require many types of voice and data communications to get the job done. That’s why Motorola DIMETRA Express TETRA System enables voice, short data, and telephony services. You get loud and clear voice communications for safe day-to-day operations. Text messaging for times when your team needs quick information. And the ability to make VoIP telephone calls outside the network, such as calls to other locations or organisations, senior management, or emergency services.

Simple, intuitive setup
We’ve made this TETRA System easy to set up, configure, and install, so you can get your teams going faster. In fact, you can now deploy the system in less than 15 minutes with a simple installer. Using a single IP address, you can quickly integrate Motorola DIMETRA Express into your existing network. And with bulk provisioning of subscribers, you can set up radio users in no time. What’s more, Motorola DIMETRA Express is ready for the future. All it takes is a single click to upgrade the system software.

Web-based applications
System management is easy using web-based tools, including a system health monitor, radio control manager and simple dispatch application. All you need is a PC or tablet running Android™ or Windows® and a browser. Then enjoy support for web-based text messaging, which allows teams to send short or pre-set messages that boost efficiency in the field.

Robust, reliable communications
Robust and reliable, you can depend on DIMETRA communications to be there for your team when they’re needed the most. As a world leader in TETRA, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that are integrated and tested together—from switches and base stations to radios and accessories. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind through world-class product quality and support.

Expandable, flexible architecture
Motorola DIMETRA Express is designed to expand as your needs do. Easily add base radios to a site and get additional channels for more capacity. Or add another site to broaden your coverage area. You can even deploy the system as a temporary solution—whether for an event or in an emergency—changing frequencies and adding new subscribers so radios stay connected and working.

Dimetra Express Tetra System Products


Dimetra IP Micro extends the mission-critical benefits of Motorola's proven Dimetra IP TETRA solutions to a wider range of commercial and enterprise users such as hotels, resorts, campuses, construction industry, manufacturing, mining, and transport. It is ideally suited for operators upgrading from analogue systems who require a smooth migration path. Dimetra IP Micro provides business-critical trunked voice and short data services including full-duplex telephony calls.


Scalable TETRA Infrastructure like DIMETRA IP Compact allows you to expand - without disrupting your existing users.
DIMETRA IP Compact delivers a comprehensive, scalable communications solution using an enhanced IP architecture to ensure optimum call set up and availability.


The ultra-flexible MTS2 meets a growing demand for small, deployable base stations that ensure site acquisition and installation is as easy and economical as possible. Reduced site acquisition costs through lower site requirements, lower maintenance through fewer site visits and the ability to re-use the MTS2 in different configurations. Reduced installation costs due to effortless transportability. With its small and flexible modular design, the MTS2 dramatically reduces installation costs and makes site acquisition easier than ever. Excellent front access and a fan-free cooling capability means low maintenance costs and makes the MTS2 ideal for rural or inaccessible sites.


The MTS4 is a high-performance base station with improved power efficiency and lower operating costs.

The compact MTS4 sets new standards for high capacity, high redundancy base stations while ensuring site acquisition and installation costs are as low as possible.

Reduced site acquisition costs through less antenna site requirements
Reduced installation costs due to more compact and flexible design
Reduced site operation costs through fewer site visits and lower maintenance
MTS4 fully complies with the new ROHS directive


The small, flexible and yet extremely powerful MTS1 offers network operators a comprehensive coverage solution that can be rapidly installed and commissioned.
The MTS1 small rugged form factor, IP66 weather resistant enclosure, and ergonomic offers a wide variety of implementation options. Be it for indoor or outdoor wide area coverage applications, the MTS1 provides complete flexibility, covering wall and pole mounted installations. The MTS1 also ensures complete end-to-end security with full support for static, dynamic and group-based air interface encryption, authentication and end-to-end encryption. This level of security is maintained even when there is a site link failure causing the base station to operate in local site trunking mode.

Dimetra Express Tetra Radios

Motorola ST7500 Compact TETRA Radio

Being on the frontline demands a special kind of communication device that’s easy to carry yet rugged and capable enough to get the job done. The ST7500 is a compact TETRA radio that weighs less than 200 grams, making it easy to carry and easy to wear in a variety of belt or body-worn configurations.
Despite its size, performance is mission-critical with leading-edge features such as Multi-Band Compression for loud and clear audio, a hybrid antenna and the latest Bluetooth® 4.1 LE technology for collaborating with a range of complementary devices and wireless accessories. Whether responding to a riot in a town centre or dealing with a road traffic accident, the ST7500 provides public safety officers with a device that’s fully capable and simple to use in the moments that matter for optimum response and safety.


The MTP3550 TETRA portable radio with color display and full keypad delivers high performance and dependability required for enhanced workforce productivity and assured user safety.
The MTP3550 delivers key features for public safety users including End-to-End Encryption, Man Down Sensor and Vibrate Alert. Embedded secure Bluetooth enables connectivity with accessories and collaborative devices.
This TETRA radio is optimised for excellent audio performance and durability for use in all types of noisy and demanding situations. Features a Class 3L power output option, which increases range and in-building performance. Coupled with high receive sensitivity, the MTP3550 has the capability for maintaining communications in the most demanding situations.


The TEDS Ready MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway/Repeater mobile radio provides extended coverage, exceptional audio performance, and advanced data connectivity to address current and future critical communication needs of professional users.
Combining best-in-class receiver sensitivity with a 10W transmit power capability, the MTM5400 delivers an industry-leading operational range. With its flexible implementation options and advanced voice and data capabilities, the versatile MTM5400 supports a wide range of applications, including the fixed control room, vehicle, motorcycle and custom installations.

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