How can you manage your alarm & lockdown procedures from your radio system?

Manage your Alarms and Lockdown Procedures


How many times has your establishment been shut down due to a false alarm?


advanced alarm managementPublic places are a hive of activity and during seasonal times a false alarm can cause chaos. Radiocoms aim is to provide alarm monitoring solutions that complement your existing radio system infrastructure, aiming for less downtime and assistance in meeting targeted KPI’s.

  • Pre-Alarm – Many detectors will monitor abnormal conditions and provide early warning signals to indicate that an alarm condition is approaching.  These are transmitted by InteraX to trained personnel, maximising the time to investigate and in many cases, mitigate the cause before escalating to a disruptive alarm state.
  • Delayed Alarm  – Containing the problem or discovering a false alarm before full site evacuation. When a sensor is triggered this starts a timer and the alert is sent to trained personnel, allowing time to investigate before escalating to a full alarm.

For example Alarm Monitoring broadcasts/messages can be pushed out over:

  • A Motorola two-way radio broadcast – specific team members or departments
  • Public Address (PA) / Tannoy system
  • TV Screens or message boards
  • Existing internal messaging systems; text, email, staff phones etc.
  • “Pop up” on employee’s computers / internal messaging systems
  • Dedicated “Lockdown” alarm tone
  • Connections can be made to disabled refuge systems & door and gates entries


2018 False Fire Alarm Statistics 

Emergency Alarm Caused Panic On Train 1


  • FRSs attended 226,466 fire false alarms. This was a less than one per cent increase compared with the previous year (225,899).
  • Fire false alarms ‘due to apparatus’ accounted for over two thirds (67%) of fire false alarms.



Staff alarms allow staff to be aware of an incident in advance of the public and be prepared for an evacuation. As indicated within the HM Government Fire Safety Risk Assessment Guidance for Venues.  2.4 Staged fire alarms they state – At large or complex venues it may not be appropriate or possible to activate the fire warning system immediately and alternative arrangements may need to be in place.

Emergency Alarm Caused Panic 1They recommend an alternative method of the initial alert signal to be given to certain member of staff or team, who then carry out pre-arranged actions. It requires able, fully trained staff to be available at all times and should not be seen as a simple means of reducing disruption to the event or venue.

These arrangements require a fire-warning system activated by a site fire safety management team and should only be considered after consultation with the relevant enforcing authority. Such systems also require a high degree of management input to ensure that staff and others are familiar with the system and action required.

This alarm listening software will give you complete control of your alerts and alarms. ​All messages can be handled differently and distributed to the most appropriate radio/ radio group, for the quickest response.

Watch the explainer video for an Alarm Alerting System here> 



With no need to pre-record alerts, messages are relayed in real-time via a humanistic artificial intelligence, capable of converting the alarm outputs into voice notifications.



The Alarm Monitoring system integrates with numerous systems and brings the alarm and status messages to the most suitable radio/radio group or via SMS.

  • ​Fire – Sensors and Panels Serial RS232 or RS485
  • Security – PIR Movement Sensors, CCTV, Door Contacts
  • Safety/BMS/Machine/Technical and more