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A business critical two way radio and BBPTT communications network from Radiocoms Systems Ltd.

Keeping your teams connected, safe and productive.

Eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure and costly radio licences with London ConnectOn, a state-of-the-art communications network providing a wide range of technology options, including two-way radio, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC), and dual mode devices, giving you more ways to connect than ever before.

With its fully redundant architecture, and advanced features you can experience seamless communication across the City of London and its boroughs including data sharing across different networks and devices, streamlining your business-critical information and workflows.

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Regardless of your specific needs, ConnectOn empowers your workforce to be at their best every day,
with easy access to the tools they need, keeping them connected, safe and productive.

Simply order your chosen device, ConnectOn and go.

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Work anywhere, on any device.

Incorporate the latest advancements in digital technology through our fixed price package.

Multiple layers of security help to prevent unauthorised device access and malicious activity, helping to safeguard your critical data.

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One price fits all.

Have the flexibility of choosing between purchasing or renting our premium-grade two way radio and BBPTT devices.

Our airtime tariff has been specifically designed to offer you flexibility and efficiency in managing your operating expenses. With our plan, you won’t be bound by a minimum contract, giving you the freedom to make decisions that are best for your business.

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Remote network management.

Your ConnectOn two way radio, or push to talk over cellular fleet is managed by our engineering team to ensure your staff are always connected.

By utilising cloud-based configuration, remote updating, and real-time monitoring, you can effectively deploy and maintain your fleet with minimal disruptions and downtime. With this streamlined approach to management, you can focus on optimising productivity while reducing operational costs.

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Increased operational reliability.

The London ConnectOn two way radio and BBPTT system boasts intelligent traffic management that dynamically adjusts your service based on your location across the city. This ensures that the quality of voice clarity and response is always maximised for optimal communication.

Download the London ConnectOn brochure.

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Safeguard your people and facilities with safe and efficient communications.

For organisations that prioritise the safety and efficiency of their staff, it’s essential that they remain visible and in constant communication. This is particularly true for those
working across multiple sites and areas with high radio traffic or weak mobile signals.

That’s where London ConnectOn comes in – we understand the importance of seamless communication. Whether you’re dispatching groups on the road or simply need reliable communication on-site, ConnectOn has got you covered.

Speed up lines of communication in a single converged network.

Regardless of your specific needs, ConnectOn empowers your workforce to be at their best every day, with easy access to the tools they need, keeping them connected, safe and productive.

  • Dedicated PTT device
  • DMR, PoC and dual mode compatibility
  • 3G/4G LTE
  • WI-FI
  • Bluetooth®
  • Full network interoperability with dispatcher software*
  • Fully encrypted


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Recommended two-way radios and smart devices for the London regions.

With an extensive portfolio we can customise your fleet to meet your specific needs. From fully redundant DMR TIER III compliant two way radios which will reach
across London to PoC/LTE devices that will support you Nationwide, or a mixture of both. All backed up with essential data and insights so that you can
operate as efficiently and safely as possible.

Every portable can be hired or purchased outright and comes supplied with a wide variation of features such as: emergency call/alarm, ESN check, GPS tracking, group broadcasts, live video to telemetry for integration with building management systems and voice recording.

DMR and dual mode devices.

Supports London wide radio and LTE communication services.

london connecton hytera hp705

Hytera HP705 Portable
Two Way Radio

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london connecton hytera hp785

Hytera HP785 Portable
Two Way Radio

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london connecton hytera hpm785

Hytera HM785 Fixed
Two Way Radio

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london connecton hytera pdc680

Hytera PDC680 Portable
Two Way Radio

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PoC smart devices.

Supports London and European wide voice and data communication services.

london connecton inrico t620

Inrico T620 Portable
Two Way Radio
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london connecton inrico s200

Inrico S200
Smart Device
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london connecton inrico tm7

Inrico TM7 Fixed
Mobile Two Way Radio
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