London Two Way Radio Systems. 

London ConnectOn from Radiocoms Systems Ltd

London ConnectOn is a highly versatile, wide-area London two way radio network based on Hytera DMR Tier III technology,
designed for private and public commercial users.

Whether you’re a site manager who needs to key up a priority call, a lone worker requiring an
emergency alarm or man down function, or even a dispatcher with multiple groups of colleagues on the road,
ConnectOn can keep your communications flowing across London.

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Eliminate the need for costly London OFCOM licence fees, and expensive radio infrastructure installation costs. 

Simply order your two-way radios, ConnectOn
and go.

How can you secure highly resilient two way radio services in London?

The private London based two way radio network of ConnectOn delivers user management and dedicated support specifically to meet your demands. Make the simple switch to a Hytera two-way radio network that is flexible and robust enough to meet your multi-site communications and user scaling needs, simply hire two way radios, ConnectOn and go.

Radiocoms London Headquarters and Engineering/Service Centre is based in North West London with regional offices and engineering support available throughout the UK.

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Benefits of Radiocoms London two way radio ConnectOn system.

Currently, London is in the bottom 5 cities to obtain 4G signal with a rating of just 73.6% achieving connection*, considerations for widely dispersed teams must be addressed where they are reliant on smartphones for business-critical communications. Radiocoms independent London ConnectOn digital two way radio network could prove vital in an emerging situation, delivering reliable instant voice or messaging.

Increased efficiency.
Wide-area radio coverage delivered by 3 strategic London locations, ensures your employees are always connected, to get the job done more efficiently.

Latest digital devices.
Utilise the latest Hytera digital two-way radio handsets available as part of the fixed price package, or integrate your existing devices.

Network management.
Your ConnectOn fleet is managed by our team to ensure your staff are always connected. There are no costly London OFCOM licence fees or lengthy waiting times or expensive infrastructure costs.

One price fits all.
Options to purchase or hire you two way radio devices. Our clear and fixed pay-as-you-go airtime tariff allows you to efficiently manage your overheads – no minimum contract.

Increased operational reliability.
The system behind ConnectOn intelligently manages radio traffic, and will dynamically control your radio service based on your location across the city to maximise voice clarity and response.

Hytera digital radios are helping Leeds businesses - case study - Radiocoms

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Who would benefit from the ConnectOn network?

Users In dense areas of radio traffic who are In need of multiple site coverage and a dedicated network for key users, who operate with many employees in high risk environments, and need reliable digital radio communication with enhanced functionality. Companies who require their staff to always remain in contact with instant communication to ensure their safety and wellbeing or improve operational efficiency. Especially those working in areas of dense radio traffic, over multiple sites and locations who may struggle with current radio or mobile signal.

Download the London ConnectOn brochure.

London ConnectOn brochure

Recommended two-way radios for the London regions.

You can utilise a number of AES256 encrypted hand portables and mobiles from the Hytera two way radio portfolio that are compatible with this DMR tier 3 system.

Every portable can be hired or purchased outright and comes supplied with a wide variation of features such as: emergency call/alarm, ESN check, GPS tracking, group broadcasts, telemetry for integration with building management systems and voice recording.

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