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About Interax

lnteraX alarm integration is a PMR/ DMR radio software platform capable of interfacing with an ever-growing list of industrial and commercial systems to deliver alerts and notifications to your two-way radios. lnteraX is modular by design and allows the user an ability to build simple or complex systems whilst minimising cost.

  • Simple
  • Expandable
  • Sends alerts to PMR and DMR radios
  • Inutitive interface
  • Bespoke solutions are possible


intelligent management studio

Guarding your workers and protecting your business, complete with full activity report.


advanced alarm management

Swift response to multiple alerts, minimising disruption and maximising uptime.


centralised lone worker

Improving effectiveness with intelligent scheduling and job tasking, backed up with full reporting.

Interax Product Information


Fines from the Health and Safety Executive have increased by 74% in the last year, rising to over £61 million. ​
New guidelines introduced in February 2016 saw tougher penalties, the scale of the fine rising to above £10 million and varies in direct correlation to a company’s turnover.
Fulfilling duty of care to employees has now become even more important, the potential damage to reputation added to the cost of the fine, signifies H&S failures are now major business risks.


UK Businesses lost over £1 billion last year due to false alarms and the subsequent downtime and loss of productivity. ​
The potential cost savings from one prevented false alarm would pay for the InteraX software. ​
Quicker response times and less disruption; alarms are automatically dispatched to the most appropriate person/group. ​
Pro-active notification of potential issues, problems mitigated before becoming a wider issue. ​
Discreet Pre-Alert to allow trained personnel to determine the cause, finding false alerts and containing the problem, before needless disturbance or undertaking a full evacuation.


Plan, notify and record ​
The complete management package to ensure important responsibilities and checks are completed with a comprehensive audit trail.

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