Hytera VM685 Bodycam

Hytera VM685 Bodycam
Hytera VM685 Bodycam

The Hytera VM685 Bodycam and Remote Speaker Microphone is an innovatively designed body-worn camera that offers an ideal solution to capture, store and share evidence from the field. As well as offering high definition recording, the in-built remote speaker microphone allows users to communicate efficiently from the device when paired with a Hytera radio.

Bodycam & RSM

  • Use your Hytera VM685 Bodycam to communicate as a Remote Speaker Microphone.
  • Connect to your Hytera radio via Bluetooth or cable and simply press the push-to-talk button on the bodycam.

Impressive Video Capture

  • Up to 1080p at 60 frames per second – quality hi-definition video.
  • Dual microphone to capture clear audio.
  • Automatic infrared to record in low light conditions.

Flexible Mounting Options

  • Flexible, universal mounting clip as standard.
  • Rotating camera head to capture clear footage no matter the mounting position.
  • 3rd party mounting options available.

Rugged and Long Lasting

  • Extensive battery life with up to 6 hours of continuous recording and easy battery swap.
  • Up to 128GB storage capacity, equivalent to 44 hours of 1080p recorded footage.
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67 rated), certified mil-standard (810G) with a 1.5m drop test

Simple to Use

  • One-touch record buttons and emergency button with incident time, tags and watermark options.
  • Simple menu-options on the device, can be used in covert mode or with the screen on show.
  • Pre-record options available in programming, then easily initiated with one-touch on the bodycam.

Dock and Data Management

  • The Hytera VM685 Bodycam can be charged, programmed and data extracted from the internal memory via the included Micro-USB using the free RVM manager software.
  • Utilise the multi-charger (MCA22) to charge 6 devices and 6 additional batteries.
  • Combine this with our Smart MDM software for batch uploading, clearing devices and viewing the tagged digital evidence.

Manage Your Hytera VM685 Bodycam User


Hytera VM685 User Group Small 300x163 - Hytera VM685 Bodycam
Hytera VM685 User Group Small

Small User Group

10 users or less

  • Plug & play functionality
  • Simple password protected RVM Manager software
  • Manually upload media captured and clear your Hytera VM685 Bodycam devices
  • Charge via micro-USB (included) or Hytera MCA22 multi-charger (optional)


Hytera VM685 User Group Medium 1 300x164 - Hytera VM685 Bodycam
Hytera VM685 User Group Medium

Medium User Group

Single location, 10 > 100 users

  • Utilise the Smart MDM User Client and the Hytera MCA22 multi-charger to batch upload and automatically clear devices.
  • You can also programme multiple bodycams using the RVM manager through the multi-charger
  • Tag, search and view evidence on the Digital Evidence Viewer, password protected on the Smart MDM User Client.
  • Save the captured data on the client or connect to a server, flexible to meet your data management processes.


Hytera VM685 User Group Large 1 300x163 - Hytera VM685 Bodycam
Hytera VM685 User Group Large

Large User Group

Multiple locations, 100+ users

  • Manage your multi-site user groups using the Smart MDM Admin Client.
  • Offering scheduled and batch programming and increased control over individual sites and devices.
  • Centralise your data capture and bodycam fleet management integrated in to your IT infrastructure.

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Hytera VM685 Bodycam

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