Hytera PD715Ex and PD795Ex ATEX
Digital Two Way Radios

Intrinsically-safe digital PD700 Series two-way radios from Hytera

For those working in environments containing explosive gases, combustible dust or mining vapours, they are safety critical. With their market leading, robust design and intrinsic safety, the Hytera PD715Ex and PD795Ex ATEX two way radios from Hytera guarantee reliable communication in the most hazardous of environments.

The PD700 series intrinsically safe two way radios were developed in compliance with the ETSI DMR standard.

Durability Besides meeting the requirements of the European ATEX and IEC Directives, as well as the North-American FM standard, these ATEX FM radios are compliant with the MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G standard and are dust and water-resistant to protection class IP67. Both radios are therefore rugged and long lasting to keep up with you in tough conditions. Fail-safe design The use of batteries or accessory components with a lower level of protection automatically triggers an alarm so that errors of this type cannot occur. A full intrinsically safe accessory portfolio is available to improve your user experience. Meticulous encapsulation Both the ATEX radios (PD715Ex/PD795Ex) and their batteries are encapsulated, so that all internal switches are protected from, and sealed against hazardous explosive gases and dust particles.

The Hytera PD700 ATEX Digital Two Way Radios are ideal for the following verticals: Oil & Gas Terminals Chemical processing Spraying of paint and varnishes LPG storage and filling Milk drying Flour production

Basic Package includes 1 x PD715Ex or PD785Ex ATEX Hand portable walkie talkie radio, Standard antenna, Li-Ion battery, Belt clip, Single charger (multi charger POD available) and 24 Month radio body warranty.

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Hytera PD715Ex ATEX
Digital Two Way Radio

Offering safe, reliable communications, the Hytera PD715 Ex handheld digital two-way radio has been designed to meet the European Atex directives, FM standards and IEC standards, perfect for tough environments that require intrinsically-safe devices.

In addition to conventional DMR radio Tier II and analogue radio, both radios support operation in DMR trunked radio (DMR Tier III via chargeable licence), XPT Digital Trunking, Simulcast and MPT 1327.

Hytera PD795Ex ATEX
Digital Two Way Radio

Delivering superior audio and enhanced encryption, the Hytera PD665 handheld digital two-way radio is a compact, high quality device with LCD screen and programmable keys.

With bluetooth audio via an optional (external adapter accessory), wireless connectivity to audio devices to improve user experience.

Request the PD665(G) variant for GPS and Man Down.

Hytera PD700 ATEX Series digital two way radio thumb PDF

Download the Hytera PD700 Series ATEX manufacturers specifications here


Alarm Handling


Job Ticketing

London ConnectOn

Voice Recording


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