Hytera PD300 Series Digital Two Way Radios

The Hytera PD355, PD365 & PD375 Two Way Radios

The Hytera PD300 series supports both DMR and Analogue two way radio mode operations to allow for a staggered migration of your radio fleet.

The pocket-sized Hytera PD355, PD365 and PD375 handheld digital two-way radios offer a compact construction and design, multiple channels and text messaging facilities.  The Hytera PD300 series handheld digital two-way radio delivers a range of sought after features in a small form factor, ideal for discreet use in retail, hospitality or education environments.

The Hytera PD3 series excel through their stylish and compact design, smartphone format, and intuitive operation. Weighing just 160g, these hand portable two way radio models can be carried conveniently and with ease, even on long shifts. The lithium-ion batteries (2000mAh) included in the delivery enable the PD3 handheld radios to achieve an operating time of at least 12 hours in digital mode, with a duty cycle of 5-5-90.

The PD3 series was developed in compliance with the ETSI DMR standard.

The Hytera PD300 Series Digital Two Way Radios are ideal for the following verticals:
Event Organisers
Security Teams

Basic Package includes 1 x PD355/365/375 Hand portable radio, Standard UHF antenna, Li-Ion battery (2000mAh), Belt clip & Leather strap,
Single USB charger (single POD or multi charger POD available) and 24 Month radio body warranty.

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Hytera PD355 Digital
Two Way Radio

Pocket-sized, the Hytera PD355 handheld digital two-way radio delivers a range of sought after features in a small form factor, with an integrated antenna.


Raise an alarm with top priority to a base station or to other radios with the pre-programmed emergency mode, identifying the ID of the person issuing the alarm.

Hytera PD365 Digital
Two Way Radio

This small form factor radio offers smartphone functionaity with it is quick text messages. Stored in the quick text menu ready to send to contacts.


With the optional wireless charging kit and battery case, place the PD365 in the wireless charger holder and it will charge without the need for cables to the radio.

Hytera PD375 Digital
Two Way Radio

Thanks to the latest audio processing technology and in-built speaker, the PD375 offers you outstanding audio quality.


This feature allows the radio to switch between sites on multi-site conventional systems, ensuring seamless communication.

Hytera PD300 Series digital two way radio thumb PDF

Download the Hytera PD300 Series manufacturers specifications here


Alarm Handling


Job Ticketing

London ConnectOn

Voice Recording


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