How are two way radio solutions
providing a life line to the Oil & Gas Industry?

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Health and safety is important for every industrial sector, but particularly for the on and offshore oil and gas industry where the potential for a major accident is ever present. Recognising and controlling hazards through health and safety procedures is critical to preventing injury and fatalities.

Wearable technology and unifying solutions can assist oil & gas workplaces whether that be for general day to day duties or during an emergency situation. Two-way radio communications equipment and solutions are remaining at the forefront of wearable technologies delivering multiple functionalities within one device – creating an environment where everyone is connected.

FPAL RegisteredFPAL Accredited Radiocoms Systems Ltd support systems on outright purchase, lease and hire which offers low CAPEX and OPEX. By mobilising your organisation Radiocoms can assist in the drive to improve the safety of your facilities to achieve your targets and supply a solution that is designed for purpose. Key areas of support can include:

  • Worker Protection and Compliance with health & safety legislation
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Overall Operational Efficiency


Two Way Radio Devices Aid in Worker Protection and Compliance with Health & Safety Legislation

Oil and Gas Lone Workers Failure to implement the right worker protection can lead to large fines and imprisonment in extreme cases where there has been a loss to life.  Now more than ever, Senior Team members need to ensure they are not found to have a complete disregard for the safety of their employees. In November 2018 manslaughter guidelines released by the Sentencing Council stated: 

  • An assessment of the liability of the individual is required, which ranges from low, medium, high to very high.
  • Where the individual’s culpability is considered to be very high, the starting point when considering the appropriate sentence is 12 years’ custody, with a potential range of between 10 to 18 years’ detention after relevant aggravating and mitigating factors are taken into account.
  • Even cases involving a lower level of culpability attract a starting point of two years’ custody.

Using voice and data radio communication systems can assist in reducing the hazard for employees offering a communication solution where other technologies may struggle to operate and assist an organisation with the adherence to Health & Safety guidelines. Devices such as the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP4000Ex ATEX two way radios or Hytera PD700 Atex two way radios both offer a wide range of safety enhancing features:

  • GPS functions for retrieving and sending location data
  • Data services – text messages, group text messages, control of the radio via API
  • Supplementary services, radio check, remote monitor, call alert, radio disable/enable
  • One-touch functions including text messages, voice calls and supplementary services

Safety Features  & Software Applications can assist in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

During an emergency situation it is essential that all staff are able to be located and communicated with to ensure a swift response. Voice and data radio software applications can provide a reliable network when phone lines and cellular networks fail. Radio communication systems will operate across multiple sites and into basements. Remote monitoring software such as a dispatcher can track, monitor and guide employees. There are varying levels of features dependent on your site’s complexity, and guidelines for your business continuity. The software application can offer greater situational awareness and safety to ensure you are adhering to health and safety guidelines, and meeting site KPI’s. The system offers lower costs without the need for deploying a secondary device and benefits from inclusive emergency calls with no costly monthly tariff charges. With a signing in and out allocator built into the software every team member is visible and a lone worker/man down feature provides an extra level of safety. SmartPTT consoleDispatcher software such as TRBOnet, SmartPTT or SmartOne can also automate alarm responses. The module has the ability to listen to multiple alarms from the radio network and third-party software/hardware alarm panels. For mission critical systems that are time sensitive Radiocoms can offer the service of managed software or a replicated copy in the cloud. In the event of an outage it is a simple switch over to the cloud systems. Radiocoms Systems Disaster Recovery solutions enable you to keep a regularly updated copy of your virtual machine, including all data. This means, should disaster hit, you will be able to retrieve your system. Every solution is fully reportable which can assist in significantly reducing financial risk to your organisation with a reportable system which will assist with insurance mitigation.

Overall Operational Efficiency can be achieved by unifying technologies

The voice and data radio communication solutions we provide can offer operational readiness, full control of your environment and the issue of mass notifications on hardware with added features and functionalities such as; lone worker, man down, GPS tracking, links to onsite alarms and software application to allocate staff to particular areas.

Complete Surveillance with Cloud Based CCTV

Utilising Avilgion, a Motorola Solutions company, Radiocoms can create a link between your radio & CCTV system. Cloud based software can be an integral part of your infrastructure on a modern plant – it enables growth and connectivity but at a lower cost. The Avigilon Blue platform integrates an on-premise Avigilon Blue Connect device that supports local storage as well as Avigilon and ONVIF compliant cameras. This sends critical events to the cloud for customers to view and verify from their web-connected device. Additionally, by utilising this cloud based software you keep incoming & outgoing network traffic to a minimum, saving valuable bandwidth. The Avigilon Blue platform combines on-site video recording, via a dedicated hardware appliance, and the cloud-based software services provide management, analytics and reporting. By combining hardware, software and cloud services, with each system element located in an optimum place, Avigilon Blue offers an advanced solution that is both effective and robust.

Complete Protection of all your Communication Systems with Maintenance Packages

Radiocoms Maintenance ServiceBy evaluating your maintenance programme and considering a Maintenance Package you can ensure benchmarking of support services. Radiocoms provides full support and maintenance for all products & services. All engineers are manufacturer trained to provide first to fourth line support, including:

  • A 24/7 telephone help desk for maintenance customers, 100% of calls being answered within 30 seconds.
  • Remote diagnostics – Engineers are able to monitor systems and receive alarms remotely when faults arise.
  • On-site support. A range of service levels are available, the most comprehensive including the supply of an engineer on site within two hours of the initial call being received.
  • Annual preventative maintenance inspections.
  • The provision of loan units should a repair not be possible whilst the engineer is on site.
  • The installation and de-installation of radio equipment into and from vehicles.
  • System programming and configuration.
  • Ad-hoc engineering support paid for on an hourly or daily basis.
  • Collection and return service and free loan units for faulty hand portables that require inspection at one of Radiocoms’ workshops.

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