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Harrow College, Security Communications Project – Motorola, Zonith and Teldio

Project Details

Before the recent upgrade works to the operational communications at Harrow College, the security team, duty managers and first aiders communicated via an aged and failing mixture of analogue hand portable radios, pagers and desktop telephones, obliging staff to carry different devices for each users group.

Their systems were inefficient and unreliable.

Harrow College now has a modern, robust, and secure solution consisting of centrally located control units on each of the two campuses with new, top specification, Motorola DP4800 hand portable radios. The system was configured with functions to address the particular needs of Harrow College to provide a high level of protection for staff and students:

  • Firstly, Zonith Alarm Handling Software is linked directly into the College fire alarm system. Fire alerts are despatched via text message to the security staff’s hand-portable radios and to the mobile phones of all ‘hard of hearing’ students, thereby alerting key staff members before the alarms sound and reducing the risk to the college’s most vulnerable students.
  • Secondly, a network of RF-based panic buttons has been installed in areas of each campus of higher than normal vulnerability. This simple ‘silent alarm’ button provides staff with a sense of reassurance, knowing help is only a button press away. In the event of an emergency, text message alerts are despatched directly to the security staff radios, detailing the exact location of the incident.
  • Finally, using Teldio’s Radio Bureaux Exchange software, the College’s existing desktop phone network has been connected to the new radio system, specifically to transmit emergency calls (although this can be extended to full functionality if required). Now, staff members on either campus can pick up any desktop phone and call the dedicated internal emergency number. This phone call is immediately directed onto the security staff radios, allowing an instant phone to radio communications anywhere in the College.

The combination of these three elements allows instant, effective and reliable communication between the security team for command and control of any incident whilst routing all alarms and emergency calls directly to the appropriate people, all from one hand-portable device.

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