G4s Refresh – Equipment Return Form.

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If you have any questions concerning the G4S Refresh process, please contact the G4S Helpdesk who will be able to assist. Contact information for your convenience. Mr B-J Horsman – G4S Helpdesk, 0870 333 0812


Please complete the form. Once submitted, this will be sent to Radiocoms to start the return process.
Radiocoms Service & Repairs Dept.
Units 2 & 3, The Chase Centre,
8 Chase Road, 
Park Royal,
NW10 6QD
Please ensure all sections are completed i.e. contact details, quantity, serial numbers to avoid delays in processing your return.


Radio Return Log

Accessories Return Log

Number of Boxes To Be Collected

  • Please ensure that the consignment is packaged, securely sealed and clearly addressed to Radiocoms Systems Ltd, Unit 3 The Chase Centre, 8 Chase Road, London NW10 6QD.
  • The consignment will need to be kept secure until collected by our courier. The consignment will be collected within 2-5 working days.
  • Please ensure that any relevant employees are made aware of the collection and check that the courier is attending on behalf of Radiocoms to collect the package.
  • Please note that the courier is allocated a short period of time to complete the collection and therefore will not be able to wait if the consignment is not immediately available at the time of their arrival.
  • If the consignment is not collected when the courier attends this will be recorded as a failed collection. Any failed collections will incur a cost as detailed in the hire contract.



The following are examples of a Motorola Radio, 6-Way charger, Impress Charger and a Pod Charger.
Motorola Radio
6 Way Charger
Pod Charger
Impress Charger

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