Facilities Management Two-Way Radios

facilities management two-way radios
facilities management two way radios

Facilities management two-way radios are essential for controlling the non-core mechanisms of many everyday businesses allowing them to concentrate on their focussed role.  Facilities management is vital for the smooth running of most large businesses. Their duties vary with the nature of the organisation, but facilities managers generally focus on using best business practice to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Facilities management two-way radios are ideal for:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Security
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Statutory Testing and Inspections
  • Operational Services
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Business Continuity Planning


Health and safety for personnel, building security and integrity are key facets of facilities management, which is why the need to deploy a robust and reliable two-way radio communications solution is key to success. Two-way radios are used to coordinate the services and processes within facilities management. It involves providing clear and efficient communication between different teams located around a site to prioritise work, respond to situations, manage emergency procedures, maximise the efficient use of resources and ultimately to speed up and improve the quality of service delivered.

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